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Love Island’s Anna Vakili says she ‘doesn’t like’ Curtis and Lucie

‘No matter what, I just can’t like them as people’

Ex-islander Anna Vakili confessed she “doesn’t like” castmates Lucie Donlan and Curtis Pritchard.

She guest-starred on YouTuber Murad Merali’s podcast yesterday (12th April), revealing all about her time in the villa during the 2019 series.

A clip of her talking about the pair then went viral on TikTok overnight – and it currently stands at over 650,000 views.

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Curtis placed above Anna at the end of series five – but only just. After leaving the villa, Anna revealed in an interview with The Sun that she “doesn’t speak to Curtis” at all. She also spoke about her then-close-knit friendship group with a number of women in the series, notably leaving out Lucie.

With this latest revelation, it’s safe to say any overhanging questions about Anna’s friendship status with Curtis and Lucy have been firmly answered.

“I don’t like saying I don’t like anyone and honestly coming out of that show… there’s no-one I don’t like but Lucy and Curtis,” she said. “Everyone else I’m either indifferent, I like or I love.”

In 2021, fellow series five contestant Yewande Biala accused Lucie of “racialised renaming” her on the show. This means Lucie was mispronouncing the star’s name seemingly on purpose. She went on to call the contestant “racist and malicious,” according to The Mirror.

As shown in Murad’s YouTube video, Lucie then went on to accuse Yewande of “bullying” her throughout the show.

When questioned on the matter, Anna said: “I couldn’t believe it, it was shocking. I was there, I saw (the alleged racism) first hand… No matter what, I just can’t like (Lucie) as a person.”

anna vakili curtis and lucy

Photo via ITV

Anna also candidly spoke about how her in-villa friendships lasted outside the show – as photos of Maura showed up in the clip. “For me, like, I don’t give a shit if you’ve got five followers or 50 million followers… I treat people individually and if someone’s my friend, I’m going to treat them as my friend no matter what.

“Certain people that I thought were my friends when I came out, they didn’t support me at all… in there, it was completely different to when I came out.”

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