Lucky Girl Syndrome is the new TikTok mindset that’s even better than manifesting

Apparently you can get everything you want without trying x

If you’ve been on TikTok longer than a week, chances are you’ll have at some point stumbled across the manifestation trend— essentially, visualising the life you deserve. And now, there’s another positive affirmation practise taking over the app: Lucky Girl Syndrome.

Yup, the practise, which can apparently get you everything you want in life without even really trying, now has over 34.6 million views on the #LuckyGirlSyndrome hashtag on TikTok. And there are thousands of women who’ve testified in videos that the trend is making their lives better.

Jobs, the best bedroom in a house share, envelopes full of cash— there really seems to be no limit to what the Lucky Girl Syndrome mindset can secure. So, in case you’re wondering whether this good fortune is just a privileged God given gift or anyone can secure some for themselves, here’s a breakdown of what Lucky Girl Syndrome actually is and how it works:

So, what actually is Lucky Girl Syndrome?

Essentially, the never-ending discourse around Lucky Girl Syndrome started when the influencer Laura Galebe claimed in a video she’d started using the phrase “I’m so lucky” all the time and quickly it became true. According to Laura, just through this affirmation she’d been given “insane opportunities” seemingly, out of nowhere.

“The secret is to assume and believe it before the concrete proof shows up. BE DELUSIONAL,” she wrote in the caption.


The secret is to assume and believe it before the concrete proof shows up. BE DELUSIONAL. #bedelusional #luckygirlsyndrome #affirmations #lawofassumption #manifestationtiktok #manifestingtok #lawofassumptiontok #manifestation

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How are you actually meant to get Lucky Girl Syndrome?

Think positively 

In order to harness Lucky Girl Syndrome, you are going to have to be borderline delusional. “I am so lucky” and “I don’t chase, I attract. What belongs to me will simply find me,” are popular lines that women have been religiously saying throughout their day to make it true.

This positivity essentially overcomes something called the “negativity bias”, which can change how we see the world. Naturally, humans mostly think negative thoughts. So, thinking positively can make you realise all of the good things that are happening to you on a daily basis.

Believe good things are going to happen to you 

If you simply believe good things are going to happen to you, your brain starts to notice positivity more. As you go through life, a nerve group called the reticular activating system (RAS) sifts through everything around you and decides what to make you aware of. By looking for the positives, your RAS will present more of them to you.

Be insufferable on social media and share your wins online 

So, apparently part of the reason that women with self-proclaimed Lucky Girl Syndrome keep being lucky is because they post everything that’s going right for them online. If you continuously (and publicly) claim that you have great luck, you’ll probably be committed to making sure that’s true by treating normal moments as amazing and bad experiences as insignificant.

Don’t let people take advantage of you 

Obv, if you always believe good things are going to happen to you, you could get yourself into some bad situations. So, put a limit on how delusional you’re willing to be. Assume that you’re lucky, but don’t be totally unaware of underlying negativity going on in the background.

Does Lucky Girl Syndrome actually work?

Even if experts say there may be no such thing as “luck” per se, clearly tricking our brains into noticing positivity is having a beneficial impact on women all over the internet. And, according to TikTok, Lucky Girl Syndrome has a great success rate.

Two uni friends tried saying “I’m so lucky” over three months and managed to get the rooms they wanted in their new student house:


i don’t know why it works but… everything works out for us #luckygirlsyndrome #luckygirl #luckygirlsyndrom #manifestation #affirmationsoftheday #affirmations #collegelifehack #lifehack #college #collegegirls

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And another girl started believing she was lucky one morning and by the evening had been handed an envelope full of cash from a restaurant she’d worked at two years before who’d forgotten to give her tips:


WILD #luckygirlsyndrome #luckypersonsyndrome #fyp #manifestationtok

♬ original sound – Caitlyn | fitness & lifestyle

So, even though there’s no cold hard proof or scientific evidence that embracing Lucky Girl Syndrome and using positive affirmations will make your life perfect, you may as well give it a go.

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