Here’s a rundown on how the TikTok subscribing feature actually works

People are paying money every month to comment on Paul Breach’s live streams

TikTok subscriptions aren’t brand new but it’s something we’re noticing more and more with the likes of Paul Breach and his endless live streaming. The feature was originally added last year and allows fans to receive certain perks. So here’s a rundown of how the subscription feature on TikTok actually works and where all your money goes every month.

How do TikTok subscriptions work?

Right so, subscribing to creators on TikTok essentially means fans are putting their money where their mouths are and into their favourite creators. The monthly subscription costs £4.99 or there is an option to buy just one month for the same price and you won’t be sucked into the monthly fee.

This feature helps creators in the process to monetize their platforms and make money from posting on TikTok. It also ups their chances of making money through ads too. The monthly subscription to the creator generates revenue for live streams and fans supposedly receive certain subscriber perks too.

What do fans get in return for subscribing?

So fans can get the chance to participate in the comment section of live streams, some creators will make comment sections only accessible to subscribed fans. The fans who pay the monthly fee also get badges and custom emotes (emojis designed by creators) which can be used in the middle of live streams.

Subscriber badges can be upgraded over time and will appear next to their names. If you want to participate in subscriptions then you have to be at least 18-years-old.

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