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Why everyone needs an MML friend

MML = Modern & Medieval Languages or Made Me Laugh?

Often forgotten about in third year when we venture off into our year abroad adventures, here’s some much awaited MML appreciation.

We love you STEM students (Image credit: author’s own screenshot via Camfess)

Always on stand by

Unlike our dear STEM student friends, we’re hardly ever in lectures or supos.

That means if you fancy a hug, a cry or someone to go out with, MMLers are your best bet.

Pre-Rousseau lecture gathering at Newnham (Image credit:

The best people on a night out

Our degree is literally all about communication and socialising, which immediately makes us the best people to have on a night out. Plus, with hardly any 9ams it means we will absolutely not be leaving revs early.

Top tip: get us drunk enough and you’ll hear our other languages come out.

Corpus mmlers > (Image credit:

You can come and visit us on our year abroad

Why don’t you exploit your MML friends for the free accommodation whilst they’re on their year abroad.

What other subject lets you have a year long holiday in the middle of your degree?

Belated gap yah (Image credit: author’s own screenshot via Camfess)

The MML drama always provides some entertainment

The cliquey nature of MMLers means there’s always some gossip sweeping around. Rely on us to show you the screenshots from the group chat and fill you in on the secrets.

Not to mention the MML vs Linguistics drama on MMLLfess.

MML or Linguistics ? (Image credit: author’s own screenshot via MMLLfess)

We can translate your favourite songs for you

Despacito, Taki Taki, La vie en rose? You name it.

We’ll offer you live translation on the dance floor whilst we’re living la vida loca of course.

The Romance Languages

Most of us study at least one romance language. Now they’re not called this by coincidence, we’re here to be your next wingman/wingwoman.

Or you might even find yourself with a MML husband/wife.

Happily college engaged in spoons, Luke doesn’t know how lucky he is to have an MML husband and wife (Image credit: Patrick Dolan)

Sincerely, an MMLer with too much time on their hands x

Feature image credits: Eve Maylor