Drag Race’s Aura Mayari is having messy online drama with Monét X Change and Mistress

‘It’s just a show – and girls like Aura don’t really get how that works’

RuPaul’s Drag Race season 15 queen Aura Mayari and All Stars 4 winner Monét X Change are having drama online after Monét continually dragged Aura on her podcast with Bob the Drag Queen and on a guest episode with Naomi Smalls, and with her fellow season 15 queen Mistress after Aura said negative things about Mistress at a Roscoe’s Tavern viewing party.

What happened between Aura and Monét?

Monét called Aura cringe on the podcast for kissing her muscles and calling herself trade of the season, and Aura called it out on Twitter extensively.

“When else on the show did I do that?” Aura said in a tweet.” Just the first episode. It’s the story they were trying to paint for me. I was asked to kiss my arms a lot and I felt so embarrassed doing it. I did it anyways because they were pushing it. Like come on, you should know how it works.”

Aura then said “And with the cringy way I speak. Well, if they had just kept my story and moments with the girls talking about my speech anxiety as an immigrant and how I feel stupid sometimes because I can’t express myself well, then people would have probably understood me better.

“It’s not just Monét and Bob. It’s a lot of people. It’s the same topic being brought up over and over again. I just wanted to address it. I don’t want any drama. But before you judge someone, look at another perspective first. But of course, y’all can say whatever you want.

“Also so what if I really did that wanting to flaunt myself? We always talk about body positivity but when someone who works out flexes, y’all be hating.”


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Aura also brought it up at Roscoe’s Tavern for their viewing party.

Aura also spoke about Mistress and Luxx at Roscoe’s, and Mistress has spoken out

At Roscoe’s, Aura Mayari caused more Drag Race drama when she said she doesn’t vibe with Mistress and Luxx at a viewing party. On a Twitter Space last night, Mistress said “I find it funny that Aura said this because I’ve never had an interaction with Aura and Luxx never had a negative interaction with Aura. I find it funny that these girls who are clearly in a delusional state of mind, saying she’s trade of the season but she doesn’t want to show her muscles – I don’t know what storyline she’s sticking with this week. I don’t really know her, I truly don’t.

“But I don’t appreciate someone saying these things, especially because she only said that because she won that week when she was at Roscoe’s and she was feeling herself. I think she was assuming that because of our little thing on TV with Malaysia that people were not gonna like us. But the thing is when you’re a real bitch and you stand by what you say, little moments like that don’t mean shit. Me and Malaysia are laughing after watching the show, because guess what – it’s just a show.

“Girls like Aura don’t really know how that works, that’s why they blame people for not getting enough screen time or not getting a positive edit when really in real life they were not giving and they were not that girl. I’m just as confused as you are, but it will definitely be addressed.”

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