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BNOC competition returns for 2023

Please, I know it’s hard, but fight the urge to nominate yourselves…

Well, it’s that magical time of the year again! First years, let us enlighten you.  Everyone else, a warm welcome back.  We have the perfect cure for your week-five blues, the antidote to your ills… the BNOC competition is back for 2023!

For all you newbies, BNOC stands for “Big Name on Campus,” and they are basically the people you seem to see just about everywhere.  You may never have even spoken to them, and you might not have even breathed the same air as them, but their names just seem to live in your and your friends’ heads rent-free.

The reasons for such celebrity status can vary. They might be TikTok famous, they might never miss a single Rumboogie, or they might frequent every society imaginable, their presence permeating every crevasse of Cambridge life (seriously though, how on earth do you do your degree?!).

If you happen to know one, you might just dread the prospect of walking down King’s Parade with them in fear that they will have to stop 20 times to talk to someone they know.

Has someone popped into your mind yet? If so, nominate them anonymously here!

If you’re a BNOC wannabe, you’d better get a move on and read our article on the ultimate guide to becoming a BNOC – you’ve got until the 20th of February to make one heck of an impression. Also, for those of you who were thinking of nominating yourselves (yes, we see you), don’t. It’s just not the same…

How it works:

You can nominate up to three people using the google form linked here.  Think carefully though, you can only fill out the form once and you will not be able to edit your responses afterwards!

The form is also completely anonymous, so do not fret, you can nominate your BNOCs in peace.

Please note: you cannot vote for the same person more than once! Any duplicates will not be counted, so have a think before pressing submit.

In terms of eligibility, please note that you can only nominate your fellow Cambridge students – this means no SU sabbatical officers or academic staff.

You have until the 20th of February to get your nominations in, so run don’t walk to fill out the form!

Good luck everyone!

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