Meet Ms Rachel, the wholesome influencer everyone is talking about right now

She’s announced a social media hiatus following mean comments

YouTuber Ms Rachel has recently announced she’s taking a break from TikTok and social media in an attempt to protect her mental health. She posted a video on Monday announcing her hiatus and since then the support and love has been rolling in thick and fast. A lot of people didn’t have a clue who she was before she announced her break but now she’s everywhere thanks to people sharing endless amounts of love for her.

So here’s everything we know about Ms Rachel including her huge net worth and the reason why she’s taking a break from social media.

Who is Ms Rachel and why did she quit social media?

Ms Rachel is a wholesome 40-year-old teacher from New York City. She’s a mother of one and turned to social media to help teach kids.

Her video announcing she was leaving social media has been watched millions of times. In her video she says the reason behind her taking a break is the “barrage of hurtful videos and comments” she has been receiving. She adds: “No matter how much attention they get, it will not bring you what you want. Only love can do that.”

Ms Rachel’s original TikTok has thousands of comments all offering her support.One person called her the light of their life and another person says: “I need to say that you are the reason my autistic daughter says the few words she does. She was completely non verbal before we found your videos. So from the bottom of my heart thank you for instilling these few words and helping my daughter, I will be forever grateful. I hope you’re okay.”

What is Ms Rachel’s net worth?

Ms Rachel reportedly has a net worth of $10 million. She started her YouTube channel to upload Songs for Littles after her son was diagnosed with speech delay. Her educational videos are made with the aim of getting toddlers and preschoolers talking and feeling confident with how they use their words. A load of parents online have praised Ms Rachel and her content which she creates in the front room of her one-bedroom flat using a green screen.

Her husband also helps her with the musical numbers. She has over two million subscribers and more than one million views. Over on Instagram Ms Rachel has more than 600,000 followers, you can follow her here.

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