Drag Race’s Luxx Noir London and Trinity the Tuck are fighting on Twitter and it’s MESSY

‘You’ve done great, I just don’t like you’

Honestly, season 15 of RuPaul’s Drag Race at this point has surely been the messiest when it comes to drama for about five years? Because even though we’re at the finale almost and the infighting has ended, now frontrunner Luxx Noir London is having drama with All Stars 4 winner Trinity the Tuck on Twitter after Trinity tweeted support for Mistress, Anetra and Sasha to win Drag Race but ignored Luxx and then liked shady tweets about her.

It’s got messy – so here’s a full run down of what’s happened between Luxx Noir London and Trinity the Tuck as the Drag Race beef on Twitter rages on.

Trinity supports all finalists except Luxx

Towards the end of March, Trinity tweeted “I want Anetra, Sasha and Mistress to all three win. Not a spoiler, just my wants. They are all so good this season.”

After Trinity was called out for not going to such effort to not mention Luxx, Trinity said “Some of y’all are so pressed. Like who you like and root for who you root for. I have my faves as you do too. I personally love all three of those queens the exact same, that’s why I said what I said.”


Then last night, Luxx tweeted: “I’d be rotted too if I wasted all that money to look like… that. Like, I’m sorry but I really don’t do anything yet I’m always getting dust thrown my way. And all because I said your safe performance was safe like 10 weeks ago? Girl please. And than wants to preach about unity and peace, like girl shut up.”

Luxx then referred to the allegations that Trinity was behind a shady Reddit account, saying “Should I make a Reddit account called TheyAngelPerDay to get the white twinks who hate me to like me again?”

Trinity quoted Luxx’s tweet saying “@ me girl, where did I say anything about you today except that you did great this season? You don’t care for me and the feeling is mutual. Congrats on top four.”


Luxx then called out Trinity for liking shady tweets against her:

She then went on to say to Trinity “You only say I did great after people call you out for blatantly leaving me out or saying something shady towards me. It enables people to send me more hate. I figure you’d know how this works seeing as you’ve been on the show like 10 times.”

Trinity clapped back saying: “Sweets, I don’t HAVE to say you did great. You have a nasty attitude and that’s why I haven’t rooted for you. I never said you weren’t a good queen. You have done great, I just don’t like you. Now are we done?”

Luxx clapped back “And I don’t need you to say I did great. But I do need you to stop throwing sideways shots. It’s obvious that you don’t like me so saying that was pointless. We are done but you’re just done worse. Have a good one, SheDevilByNight.”

Trinity the Tuck then tweeted “Back to my international tour…”

More on this if it comes, because the girls are FIGHTING.