Debunked: Why everyone is posting codes onto Insta and TikTok and what they each mean

The millennial pause I had to take reading these is ridiculous

Instagram and TikTok have recently been overwhelmed with the obscure number trend as codes such as o22 or 045 are being added to profiles. The posts with number-letter codes are everywhere but no one seems to know what they mean. Here’s everything we know about the random numbers and code to their Instagram and TikTok profiles.

What is the Instagram Notes number code trend?

The trend involves creating a new note that has a secret code in it. The code represents a single letter of the alphabet. For example, 022 actually means the letter A. The cryptic codes are all meant to reflect the first initial of your crush and it’s a hint at who your crush might be without giving away the full game.

o33 stands for the letter M and o45 stands for any J names. The secret code in full has been shared on TiKTok and you can find the full chart of A-Z codes with letter-number meanings.

The number trend first became popular on Instagram Notes but has now made it’s way over to TikTok where people are sharing the full code rundown. So here they all are:

• A – o22

• B – o76

• C – o99

• D – 012

• E – 043

• F – o98

• G – o24

• H – o34

• I – o66

• J – 045

• K – o54

• L – o84

• M – o33

• N – o12

• O – o89

• P – o29

• Q – o29

• R – 056

• S – o23

• T – o65

• U – o41

• V – o74

• W – o77

• X – o39

• Y – o26

• Z -o10

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Code picture via Markus Spiske on Unsplash.