Lyndall has been living her best life since her relationship with Cameron on MAFS Australia

I am obsessed with her and Bronte’s friendship

Lyndall and Cameron’s relationship has been facing some difficult moments for UK Married at First Sight Australia viewers. The couple found themselves in a rut over affection and Cameron’s lack thereof and it has continued on now with the distance they may possibly face outside the experiment.

Since the show stopped filming, Cameron and Lyndall have gone on to date new people and Lyndall have been living her best life and is still friends with her co-stars.

Here’s everything MAFS Australia star Lyndall Grace is up to now.

She is now besties with Bronte and they have been making some hilarious TikToks together

Lyndall and Bronte have formed a friendship like no other and they are truly bestie goals. The pair have spent a ton of time together since the show and it seems they got something good out of the experiment even if it wasn’t the man of their dreams.

The brides have been posting some hilarious TikToks together, throwing some major shade at their former partners. Bronte has recently shared her adoration for Lyndall in a sweet Instagram post.

Bronte shared a carousel of photos and videos of her and Lyndall and wrote: “Besties at first sight. Swipe to see the real MAFS love story, the adventures of Bronte and Lyndall. Walked in hoping to find my one love, walked out with a new home slice.”

Lyndall had a brief fling with former groom Josh

After the MAFS Australia reunion, Lyndall and groom Josh White reportedly got close at the wrap party. According to sources at the party, the pair “couldn’t keep their hands off each other” at the Ivy in Sydney.

“Lyndall and Josh were all over each other in front of everyone, and it was really uncomfortable to watch,” one source said. “They were so caught up in the moment they didn’t even care who was watching.”

“Lyndall and Josh were all over each other in front of everyone, and it was really uncomfortable to watch,” one source said. “They were so caught up in the moment they didn’t even care who was watching.”

She continued to say they were friends during the show but grew closer after the final reunion.

She said she wants to do MAFS Australia again

Lyndall has recently said she would “absolutely” do MAFS Australia again. “I’m still impossibly single,” she told New Idea, continuing: “I absolutely would [come back].”

“While it didn’t work out romantically for me, I still had the most incredible experience,” she said. “I got to go to new places, to meet the most incredibly people and I’ve come out of it with lifelong friends.

“There were some really painful times, but I’ve come out of it going, ‘God, I’m cool! I’m so resilient. I can do that!'”

Lyndall has wished Cameron ‘safety and growth’

via Nine Network Australia

Despite it not working out between Lyndall and Cameron, she has wished him “safety and growth” going forward.

Lyndall shared a photo of her and Cameron on the couch during the final reunion and said: “Cam, I wish you safety and growth. I hope you’ve had a chance to reflect on our time together. I hope you treat the next person better.

“Glad to say this is the last time I share not only this couch, but also my time, my space and my heart with someone who doesn’t care if they hurt me.”

Lyndall recently got into a massive argument with Harrison

Lyndall recently found herself in an online spat with MAFS Australia groom Harrison Boon. Harrison left a comment under a post about Bronte, claiming she organised a “pap shoot” and she and her family took the photographer out for dinner after.

Lyndall was having none of it and said: “Bro, give it a REST. [The photographer] has taken photos of all of us, and asked all of us if we could organise a time to get pics.” They kept going back and forth until Lyndall silenced the groom by shading his girlfriend.

“I love Gina. She really took one for the team and I hope they live happily ever after forever and ever and ever – for all out sakes,” she wrote.

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