Say ‘I do’ to the 27 best memes about the Love Is Blind season four weddings

I’m still not over Micah’s friends laughing at her wedding

We’re onto season four now, but somehow every time around the memes are the best part of the Love Is Blind weddings. Yes we live for the drama and the suspense over if the couples will say yes or no, but there’s still nothing better than going straight to Twitter to see what everyone else thought.

This season, everyone has thought exactly the same things. Tiffany and Brett are the best, we’re shocked over Kwame and Chelsea saying yes, and none of us can quite believe Micah’s friend Shelby literally laughing as her best friend had her heart broken. I need to know if they’re still mates, and what Micah thought about that shocking moment?!

Here are the best memes about the weddings from Love Is Blind season four on Netflix.

1. This was so distracting

2. I’m crying!

3. The devil works hard, this lady works harder

4. Why was she LAUGHING

5. Just love it for them

— zanaduxx (@zanaduxx) April 14, 2023

— Just Jes (@jescantello319) April 14, 2023

7. Sorry but so true x

Love Is Blind season four weddings memes

8. My whole heart!


10. This is all I wanted and more

11. Lol true say

12. I’m so broken yet so whole at the same time

13. We’ve truly done a full circle

14. I feel so WARM

15. Exactly this!

16. Hahahahaha

17. Honestly I can’t get over it

18. This is definitely nothing but I love the drama

19. LOOK at them!

20. I am shocked also!

21. I need some time to recover!!!

22. Lol guilty

23. I get it x

24. Ummm…. sure?

25. And that’s the tweet



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