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10 reasons to join the Cambridge Tab this Easter

Exam season works hard but the Tab Cambridge works harder

The start of a new term can only mean one thing: another opportunity to join the most-read student newspaper in Cambridge! This Easter in the face of exams we encourage you to only accept things which spark joy (having the ability to disrupt this town’s harmony forever), and you need to look no further to find your next big love.

Follow the link here to apply for one of our roles as a section writer, editor and even our new poetry editor role re-opening.

With no prior experience required, we are looking to involve anyone and everyone in our wonderful publication. If you want to innovate, this role is for you, but if you’re not convinced yet, here are just 10 reasons why we want you!

1. Gossip girl here

Who are the two groups of people with potentially the best gossiping skills? Students and journalists. Put them together and it’s almost like you have The Tab Cambridge.

We like to make the most of small town syndrome and the zero degrees of separation to give you the best take on Cambridge life. But do not fear, we will not expose you just yet, we’ll leave that to Camfess.

2. An essential Link(edin) to the team

We hope most of you join us with motives other than LinkedIn validation.

However, if you do find yourself trying to quickly fill that experiences section because yours looks hopelessly empty (4 A*s, worked alongside Obama and competing at the Paris 2024 Olympics), just know you’ll be a well-valued member of the team.

3. ‘They’re a BNOC’

Sorry guys, our BNOC competition is now over so if you planned to join The Tab with the hope of tampering with the results, maybe wait until Lent 2024.

Fortunately, this competition isn’t the only way to rise to fame. Write some controversial and opinionated articles and you might just find yourself being recognised in the revs smoking area.

4. The highs (and lows) of journalism

Imagine the scenes when the Corpus Clock gets smashed (yes, we’re still milking this one) and you have the platform to write about it to let Girton know – poor them, without us they probably still wouldn’t know.

Imagine the scenes when the Corpus Clock gets smashed (yes, we’re still milking this one) and you have the platform to write about it to let Girton know – poor them, without us they probably still wouldn’t know.

Who doesn’t love free things? When you write for The Tab, opportunities like free tickets to ADC shows, concerts and even free meals at restaurants could become a regular way to shake up the monotony of term at no extra cost to you!

And of course, one lucky writer who writes the most popular article of the week will win a free Jack’s Gelato voucher. Clout and ice-cream; what more do you need in life?

Let's scoop them (Image credit: Patrick Dolan)

Let’s scoop them (Image credit: Patrick Dolan)

6. Keep TABs on your new BFFs

The Tab has a reputation for being one of the friendliest societies, and this is of course due to the wonderful people we have writing for us. And after a brief online period due to Covid, we’re planning to have our most exciting in-person term yet!

Apart from our weekly meetings that double as socials, we have pizza parties, pub trips and brunches to offer. With a wide membership ranging across the entire university, you will be sure to meet lots of friendly faces wherever you go.

7. Spill the tea with WillNE

Apart from interviewing students in various societies that make up the heart of this university, you will have the opportunity to chat with some of the most incredible celebs and causes going on here. From WillNE to Sir Bradley Wiggins, The Vamps to Danny Beard, there truly is no end to the talent you can find here.

As well as this, you can use your journalistic voice to support and promote causes via interview such as The Cambridge Period Project and the Cambridge Turkish Earthquake Educational Fund.

(Image credit: Flo Tawns)

8. The TABloid of Cambridge

The Tab is Cambridge’s most-read student newspaper and with around 2 million site views just last year, you can expect some amazing exposure for your articles. This means that you can ensure that what matters to you gets heard.

With the chance to get picked up by The Tab National and even national papers like the BBC, The Times, The Telegraph and Daily Mail, there is really no more incentive needed if fame or experience is what you seek.

9. Open a new Tab in your life

And speaking of experience, there is absolutely no previous journalistic experience needed to come write for us! We train all our writers in a low-stress environment to ensure that everyone is equipped with the know-how to move ahead.

This means that all you really need to join The Tab is big ideas and plenty of passion for what you want to write about. You can really go down any route you like, whether that’s innovating in the opinions section with some bombastically hot takes, or covering the latest scandal that you think should be heard.

10. The ultimate side quest

Sometimes you just need an escape from the revision, the endless supos and lecture, and more so than ever this exam term. But instead of letting those feelings of negativity bottle up and simmer, why not simply expel them from your system in Buzzfeed style article format?

You could even be responsible for the improvement of mental health across the entire university with articles on mental health check-ins and weekly culture trips. Could you be the mindfulness hero we’ve been waiting for?

And we could go on. With many more reasons to join, the only way you can truly experience the wonders The Tab has to offer is by joining yourself; why not give it a go!

Apply here, and if you have an questions feel free to dm us on FacebookInstagram or email [email protected].