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Which A24 film are you based on your subject?

Warning: potential spoilers ahead

Econ/Maths – Uncut Gems

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Econs and Mathmos (after selling their soul to finance) deal with high-stakes trading which is very similar to the incredibly risky gambling in the film.*

*No, I do not care to have the specifics of how the stock market works explained to me- this is based on vibes.

Engineering/Compsci – The Lobster

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The Lobster is a melancholic and bleak comedy-drama which follows characters who are seemingly incapable of finding love… Need I say more?

English – Ladybird

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Ladybird is soooo English-tripos coded (and by that I mean annoying). She’s desperate to make a name for herself, distinguish herself as artsy and cultured, and feels creatively stifled by the town she grew up in. If that isn’t Engling-core, I don’t know what is. 

HSPS – Bodies Bodies Bodies

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“Your parents are upper-middle class.”

The characters in this film are perfect reflections of the average HSPS student. I won’t elaborate.

History – Zola

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If you were on Twitter in 2015, you might have been lucky enough to witness history unfold in front of your very eyes. Any aspiring historiographer should take care to study the momentous internet landmark which is the Twitter thread this film was based on.

Law – Midsommar

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Lawyers would excel in the Midsommar cult. Gaslighting? No problem. Complete abandonment of morals? Not an issue.

Land Economy/Classics – The Bling Ring

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The Bling Ring is a self-aware satire of spoilt rich kids, just as Land Econs and Classicists are self-aware of their own reputations as future landlords and trust-fund babies. 

Medicine – Hereditary

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With a Medic’s intervention (and the help of an EpiPen) perhaps the tragic events of Hereditary would not have unfolded the way they did. 

MML – X/ Pearl

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Both these films and MMLers take themselves less seriously than their peers. However,  there are far too many self-declared BNOCs in this tripos, which gives the same vibe as Maxine and Pearl’s delusions of fame and grandeur. 

Music – Everything Everywhere All At Once

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The people who are into it are really into it. Make-it-their-whole-personality into it. Just as fans of EEOAO fervently declare that it is the best movie ever made, Musos will not rest until they’ve told everyone on the planet how much they love music. 

Natsci – The Lighthouse

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Watching this film, you feel like you are going insane- similar to what I imagine attending Saturday lectures is like.

The stereotypes are harsh, but true!