All the winter Love Island 2023 couples who have already broken up, and what went down

There’s been a whole lotta heartbreak

It’s only been over for a few months, but already loads of the couples from Love Island 2023 have broken up. I hate to say it, but this year it’s not looking good.

A month fresh out the villa and couples had already declared they’re just friends, or said distance since heading back home hadn’t been on their side. Now finalists Ron and Lana have called it a day, too. Here’s a rundown of all the Love Island 2023 couples who have broken up so far. It makes for some sad reading!

Rosie and Casey

How long did they last? They didn’t even make it official

After leaving the show together, Rosie and Casey said they were looking forward to seeing how things went in the outside world, and they had arranged some dates together. However, on the day they were meant to be going on their first date, Casey instead dropped a breakup statement saying they’d decided to just be friends.

A few days later, Rosie said they actually ended things because Casey had ghosted her after the show. “We spent a week together in South Africa after we left the villa and things were quite different then – I mean, we didn’t actually spend that much time together,” she said. “But, we had just both got our phones back, so I kind of made an excuse for it.”

She added: “Then coming back to the UK, I mean, we barely spoke. We were both with friends and family and that’s fine, but I think for me, I did reach out and I didn’t hear anything back. I felt like there was no effort made. I think the doubts I had in the villa became very apparent when we left Love Island, and I feel like it just confirmed what I was thinking.”

Zara and Jordan

How long did they last? They dated a few times

Love Island 2023 couples who have broken up

via ITV

How long did they last? They dated a few times

Love Island 2023 couples who have broken up

via ITV

Despite never really making it official, they still posted a full Instagram statement when they cooled things off, saying they decided to be friends instead. They actually broke things off on the same day Rosie and Casey did, and thanked “the increasing public support for us to be seen as an exclusive couple.”

Olivia and Maxwell

How long did they last? Two weeks

Love Island 2023 couples who have broken up

via ITV

Olivia and Maxwell were the third Love Island 2023 couple to break up since the show, ending things two weeks after it finished. They had been surrounded by split rumours for a while, after being spotted apart a lot.

A source told The Sun: “Although it was rumoured they’d already split, they had a proper chat about where their relationship was going and they both agreed the writing was on the wall. They had fun while it lasted, and there are no hard feelings at all, but he obviously went to Mexico, and Olivia has been focusing on work projects. They have naturally drifted apart.”

Samie and Tom

How long did they last? A month

Samie and Tom met in the South Africa villa and finished in third position earlier this year. Shortly after heading back home to the UK they made it official, but around a month later they called it quits.

A source told The Sun: “Samie and Tom have sadly decided to call it a day. There is a lot of love and respect there but it just wasn’t going anywhere. The distance between them was too much and they are both really focused on their careers post Love Island.”

Tom confirmed the split on his Instagram story, adding they are still on good terms and he has “nothing but love and respect for her.”But, straight after the news of their split was announced, a clip of Samie saying on a podcast that she went on the show for fame dropped. Yikes.

However, it’s now looking like they might be back together, so who knows?

Lana and Ron

How long did they last? Three months

The dreaded Love Island three month curse has hit again, its latest victims being 2023 finalists, Ron and Lana. According to MailOnline, the couple “really put everything into their romance” but unfortunately decided to separate” because of distance and not being able to make things work.

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