The real reason Tom and Samie split?! Plus more drama with the girls after the villa!

Will the chaos ever be over?

Welcome to The Tab’s Love Island 2023 gossip round-up, bringing you the pettiest drama, most scandalous rumours and the least believable tabloid exclusives from around the web.

Ron’s said producers kept him and Lana apart in the villa, which pissed him off

Ron has said the producers kept him and Lana apart on the show, which at the time really pissed him off. Ron and Lana had a bit of an on and off journey in the villa, and weren’t coupled up for a while, which he’s said is down to producers and when they chose to let recouplings happen.

Speaking on the Not My Bagg podcast, he said: “[For the] first four weeks I was like, ‘this is actually pissing me off. Can I just get in the couple that I want to be in?'”

He added: “We are very separated from the girls for the majority of the day; lunchtime, two hours, dinner, two hours, getting ready, probably three hours, mornings, an hour. There actually aren’t that many hours that you spend with the girls, so you actually have to get on with the boys.”

Jessie’s met up with NOBODY since the show, and there’s only ONE girl she’d bother to meet with

Jessie had a few arguments towards the end of her time in the villa, and since the show has really only been posting with Will. She’s now made it clear she’s not in touch with anyone else since the show.

Speaking to The Sun, she said she’s not met up with anyone, and would only meet up with Ellie Spence if she had the chance. “I’ve messaged people on social media but I haven’t seen many of the other Islanders since leaving the villa,” she said. “The main one I would’ve seen is Ellie – I think Ellie’s a gem and I was really sad when she left the villa.”

The ‘real reason’ Tom and Samie split up has been reported

Love Island 2023 gossip column including news of Tom and Samie split

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The Sun has revealed the “real reason” Tom and Samie split up, blaming the breakup on the relationship being “one-sided”. The publication has claimed Samie was worried Tom “wouldn’t have time for her” so she ended things.

The Sun has revealed the “real reason” Tom and Samie split up, blaming the breakup on the relationship being “one-sided”. The publication has claimed Samie was worried Tom “wouldn’t have time for her” so she ended things.

However, Samie has posted a screenshot of the article on her Instagram story and clarified it wasn’t actually herself who spoke to The Sun, so maybe take this one with a pinch of salt.

Hayley Hughes is pregnant!

Hayley Hughes, who famously thought Brexit meant we wouldn’t have any trees, has announced she’s pregnant! The 2018 Islander has shared some cute pics of her growing baby bump on Instagram, and said: “A dream come true. My little baby bear you are all we have ever wanted.”

Hayley has been with her current boyfriend for a year, but has never posted who he is on Instagram and has instead decided to often hide his face from her photos.

The Olivia and Zara drama is BACK!

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Here we go again, Zara and Olivia are going at it again. I’m not going to recap their drama so far, because we’d be here forever, but by now we all know they knew each other before the show, had beef, and don’t get on.

Zara’s now said she has “nothing left to say” to Olivia and added Olivia has been a “recurring issue” since the show. “I have nothing to say to Olivia anymore to be honest, we saw her at the last event and it’s very much cold,” she told The Sun. “Everyone else I love, I’ve got good vibes with everyone else but I feel like she’s been the recurring issue personally.”

Cue more bitter TikToks shading each other!

Samie’s said she had a row with Martin which wasn’t aired

Samie has made a YouTube video talking about her time on the show, and in it she’s revealed she had a row with Martin, which didn’t make it into an episode. She said she called him out in a “petty” fight which took place whilst the Islanders ate, and weren’t being filmed.

“We had an off screen argument and it couldn’t air because it was at dinner time,” she said. “Me and Martin had an argument off camera and it was quite petty. But everything in there was very intense and heightened and he was complaining about the food. The food was amazing.”

She added she felt Martin was being ungrateful towards the people who cooked for them on the show. She said: “I’m very much someone who is like ‘be grateful, you’ve got this amazing experience, you’re here, we’re getting fed for free, we’re getting looked after by these people who don’t even know us, taking care of us like we were their children’.

“I was very frustrated at that point. I was like, ‘just be grateful, why are you moaning? Why are you talking to the villa producer like that?’.” She said the row was never resolved, and that she and Martin are “very different people”.

She said herself and Martin are “cut from different cloth” and will “never see eye to eye”. She added:”‘In my opinion, he was being quite rude to our villa producer who I absolutely loved and who was looking after us in Casa Amor. So we had a bit of a bicker and it went on for a couple of days.

“But obviously in the end you all make up and we just agree to disagree. But me and Martin are never going to see eye to eye. We’re very different people, we’re cut from different cloth. That’s it, that’s what didn’t get aired.”

Chloe Burrows has revealed her dad has cut her off since she went on the show

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Chloe Burrows has said her dad hasn’t spoken to her since she went on the show back in 2021. During an interview on The Fellas Podcast, she was asked if she would ever join OnlyFans, and she said she wouldn’t because her dad has already cut her off because she went on Love Island.

“Yeah, my dad didn’t speak to me for months,” she said. “In fact, we’ve still not spoken. I had sex on TV!” Um, yikes?

Love Island is officially one of the most complained about shows of 2023 so far

In figures obtained by the Daily Mail, it’s been revealed Love Island is one of the most complained about shows to Ofcom in 2023. The winter series brought in over 1,000 complaints, making it the fourth most complained about show of the year so far.

It had 1,312 complaints, which is still considerably less than last year’s show, which had over 5,000.

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