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Omg, Ron has revealed he’s planning to buy a house with Lana after months of long distance

Guess they weren’t the fakest couple in the villa after all

He was often accused of “game playing” in the Love Island villa, but Ron has revealed him and Lana are still going strong and have a long term plan to buy a house as a couple after successfully making their relationship work long distance between Manchester and Essex for the past few months.

“[Long distance] it’s not forever,” he told The Sun of he and Lana’s plans for the future. “Every relationship at some point, it’s natural to move in together.” Currently, there are more than 200 miles between Lana’s home in Manchester and Ron’s home in Essex, and the couple have been visiting each other back and forth.

Ron admitted both he and Lana are looking to buy places of their own before taking the next step together but that living together is definitely on the horizon. “Baring in mind we’ve only been together a couple of months, one of her big goals and one of my big goals is to buy a place up there, and down here, have our own bases,” he said.” Then when we’re ready, it could be six months, a year, two years, I don’t know, then we’ll buy together.”

If Lana and Ron buy a house together, one of them will have to leave behind their home town to relocate to the opposite end of the country. And Ron has said he’d be willing to leave behind his family and friends in Essex to move to Manchester for his relationship.

“I can see myself going up there, I can. I feel like leaving my friends and family would be like hard, but for her I’d do it. I don’t care. So that would be the natural progression,” he said. Commitment!

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