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The Nurse: Where are Pernille Kurzman and Christina Aistrup Hansen now?

‘All nurses from the ER at that time have moved on’

Netflix has just dropped their gripping new Danish true crime series, The Nurse, and it’s hit the top ten list already. The show follows the chilling true-story of the graduate Pernille Kurzmann, who starts working in a hospital where she believes their top nurse, Christina Aistrup Hansen, is killing her patients.

And, after storming through the four-part series, loads of us have been Googling what happened to the two main characters, Pernille Kurzmann and Christina Aistrup Hansen, in real life. So, in case you’re curious about where the two main players in the biggest murder case in Danish healthcare history ended up, here’s everything you need to know:

So, where is Christina Aistrup Hansen now?

Pernille Kurzman Christina Aistrup Hansen The Nurse

After a trial that lasted almost a month and heard testimony from more than 70 witnesses, Christina Aistrup Hansen was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murders of her patients Viggo Holm Petersen, Anna Lise Poulsen and Arne Herskov, and for the attempted murder of Maggi Margrethe Rasmussen.

During the trial, a forensic psychological evaluation found Christina suffers from histrionic personality disorder, which can cause attention-seeking behaviour. She’ll serve her sentence in Danish prison until 2028.

While writing the book which The Nurse series is based on, author Kristian Corfixen interviewed Christina in prison, who said: “Many in here talk about one day reaching a point where you come to terms with your judgment. But I haven’t gotten there yet.”

And where is Pernille Kurzmann now?

Pernille Kurzman Christina Aistrup Hansen The Nurse

Since uncovering Christina Aistrup’s murders and testifying against her, Pernille Kurzmann has lived a relatively private life and still works at the Nykøbing Falster Hospital where Christina committed her crimes while they worked together.

Before the credits on the final episode of The Nurse, a chunk of text reads: “All nurses from the ER at that time have moved on to different jobs. Except one. Pernille Kurzmann still works as a nurse at Nykøbing Falster Hospital. Today her name is Pernille Kurzmann Lundén.”

Pernille changed her name when she married her boyfriend Dr Niels Lunden, who features in The Nurse as he helped Pernille speak out against Christina. They live together in Southern Denmark with their children.

pernille-kurzman-christina-aistrup-hansen the nurse

Speaking of her job at the Nykøbing Falster Hospital to the Danish Nursing Council in 2020, Pernille said: “I have the same bosses, and I actually like them quite a lot. I feel sorry for them because they had no tools or anything to do and intervene in the case.

“I have no doubt that they did their best to support me and their department. They were also caught in the schism between having to take care of me and also taking care of Christina, because she was innocent until proven guilty.”

The Nurse is available on Netflix now. For all the latest Netflix news, drops, quizzes and memes like The Holy Church of Netflix on Facebook. 

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