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Drag Race’s Irene Dubois and Willam are beefing on Twitter, and the drama is savage

‘I hope you will be as lucky as me to be 40 and working steadily’

Nothing explodes like Drag Race drama when two messy queens collide in a spat of beef, and Irene Dubois and Willam from the franchise have come to heads on Twitter after Willam called out Irene for not naming the queen she was tweeting shadily about.

Irene posted a tweet calling out the behaviour of a queen from the Drag Race franchise before Irene got on season 15. “Now that I’ve been a Ru Girl for a few months and have several travels under my belt, I can say this with confidence: the Ru Girl who was booked for two nights on a show with me when I was a local queen who came back the second night and demanded we add a third number for her and rewrite the lineup so she went before all the local girls was rude as fuck for doing that.

“I always wondered if I would feel differently once I has been in her shoes, but my god, I can’t imagine acting like that as a guest.”

Willam then called Irene out for indirectly addressing this and not actually naming the queen who was allegedly being a diva, saying “Vague booking? What are we, 12? Was it Ilona and did she ask to borrow powder?”

Irene Dubois then responded to Willam and continued the Drag Race drama saying “I know the bitch who talks about a producer isn’t accusing me of vague booking. Also, this is Twitter – it’s called subtweeting, grandma.”

Willam went IN on the clap back, saying “Honey, I name and blame every producer. Steven Corfe was a fan before he fucked me. Michelle Meesh Mills was never a fan. Ageist cracks don’t illict anything but derision from me. So many LGBTQ never got to get old and I hope you will be as lucky as me to be 40 and working steadily, watergirl.”