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In Pictures: C-Sunday Celebrations

Cambridge students celebrate ‘one last hurrah’ on Jesus Green before knuckling down for exams

Almost as if on autopilot, thousands of Cambridge students descended onto Jesus Green to celebrate the infamous C-Sunday. Whilst the following pictures suggest most students made the most of the sunny day and time away from work, others have labelled the day “tame” and “underwhelming” with regard to previous years’ celebrations.

Nonetheless, as if by clockwork, the Daily Mail photographers showed up, and no, it wasn’t because Kris Jenner was there… at least in the flesh.

Here’s an uno-reverse card: papping the Daily Mail photographers.

[Image credits: Astrid Healy]

Three Cambridge students, three police officers.

[Image credits: Astrid Healy]

One too many tote bags were seen on J Green on Sunday!

[Image credits: Astrid Healy]

Perhaps one of the more civilised celebrations.

[Image credits: Lizzy Lotery]

The police, Kris Jenner and a drinking soc all in one photo … what in the crossover episode is this!

[Image credits: Neve Story]

There’s something quite sweet about everyone gathering round to cheer people on.

Annual feats of the classic lamp-post climb happened once…

[Image credits: Patrick Dolan]

… or twice.

[Image credits: Emily Dunsby]

Quick ! Lifeguards needed over at the Cam…

[Image credits: David McIntosh]

… never mind, nobody’s in there (yet).

[Image credits: Astrid Healy]

I thought the photographers hid in the trees to capture students, not the other way round.

[Image credits: David McIntosh]

And with literally everyone you know all in one field… what could go wrong?

[Image credits: David McIntosh]

With that, we’ll C you next year; the bar has been set for a new round of japes and shenanigans.

And now, back to the library!

Featured Image Credits: David McIntosh

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