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This is exactly what King Charles was like when he was a Cambridge University student

He even took part in student theatre

This Saturday (6th May 2023) is the coronation of His Majesty, King Charles III at Westminster Abbey in London. Celebrations will be taking place all weekend, including processions, a concert and nationwide street parties.

In Cambridge, the event is being marked by free screenings of the coronation at Clay Farm Centre and Meadows Community Centre. There are also plans for various street parties and events throughout the city. The University of Cambridge is marking the occasion in a variety of ways, including raising flags and displaying related artwork and commemorative items.

His Majesty has personal connections to the University. In October 1967, he was matriculated into Trinity College where he read archaeology and anthropology and then history. Before Cambridge, at school he got five O-Levels (GSCEs) and two A-Levels – a B in history and a C in French.

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The choice to attend university broke the traditional path of joining the military. Upon his arrival in 1967, over 1,000 sightseers gathered outside Trinity Great Gate to welcome him. He was met by Lord Butler, Master of Trinity and his senior tutor before being taken to his rooms in New Court.

During his time at the university, the then-Prince Charles was a member of Trinity College’s drama group, the Dryden Society. He appeared in sketches and was involved in writing. Alongside this, the King took part in polo matches, played in the orchestra and enjoyed cycling around the city, suggesting a relatively normal university experience.

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In June 1970, he became the first British heir apparent to gain a university degree, and graduated with a 2:2. This was promoted to a Masters of Art in 1975, as per custom.

Since graduating, the King has remained involved with the University in various ways. For example, in 1970, he became a Founder Trustee of the Cambridge Trust, and in 2008 visited the University Library to open the Commonwealth Reading Room.

The Royal Family holds various other connections to the University. The King’s father, the late Prince Philip, was Chancellor of the University from December 1976 to June 2011, and the King’s brother, Prince Edward, graduated from Jesus College in 1986, also with a 2:2.

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In addition, many individuals with connections to the University will be involved in the coronation. The King will be crowned by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, who is also a Cambridge graduate of Trinity College.

Trinity College’s ‘Wild Crown’ in celebration of the coronation. (Image Credits: Evie Selby)

Nigel Hess of St Catharine’s College and Tarik O’Regan of Trinity and Corpus Christi Colleges have been involved in composing music for the coronation, while David Salmon of Wolfson College will carry the Jamaican flag. Professor David Fergusson of Magdalene College will also be in attendance as Dean of the Chapel Royal in Scotland.

His Majesty has requested that the Gospels of Augustine of Canterbury, held in Corpus Christi College, will be involved in the ceremony.

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