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Why Week Two is worse than Week Five

The Week Five blues have arrived early, my friends!

The C-Sunday buzz has finally worn off and you’ve realised just how much revision you have left to do in the next three weeks… Welcome to the Week Two blues!

Piles of revision

Having hastily crammed my own revision into a draw in order to write this article, I would like to begin by highlighting how absurd it is that this term is focused almost solely on revision rather than learning new content.

If I’d known all I would be doing was endless past papers with only two contact hours a week in between, I may as well have stayed at home.

Is this what my nine grand is paying for? (Image Credit: Leah Whiting)

Still, as they say, there’s no gain without pain. After all, will you really be able to enjoy May Week if you know all you did in terms of revision was your daily Duolingo?

All work, no play

The major downside of revision is, of course, the lack of time for other activities.

If you’re finding yourself longing for the loud and hazy experience that is Wednesday Revs, perhaps you should branch out and go to a sports game or maybe even – gasp – a revision lecture!

Throwback to when we were actually allowed to go out (Image Credit: Alesia Laci)

Lack of motivation

Whilst it may, in theory, be easy enough to simply ‘crack on’ with revision, gathering the motivation to open your books in the first place is often the trickiest part.

It can help to make sure your revision hits you in the face as soon as you wake up (Image Credit: Niamh Bewick)

My recommendation would be to make sure you’re studying in the place that feels most productive for you – whether that be the library, your room, or the corner of the JCR that was suspiciously sticky after the latest bop.

If all else fails, maybe arrange a punishment-based system with your friends wherein they spray you with water every time they catch you on TikTok.

No end in sight

As of writing this, it is currently the third day of Week Two, yet it feels like this dreadful stretch of Thursday to Thursday has been going on for the majority of my 19 years on earth.

However, it can be helpful to remember that for many of us – humanities students at least – this term is much shorter than the previous two. My exams, for example, finish in Week Six, giving me plenty of time to recover before a long summer of doing nothing.

So grab your self-help tapes, meet your friends in the library, and try to turn this revision-heavy term into a positive experience.