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All the OG Made in Chelsea cast who’ve unfollowed each other since leaving the show

The drama lives on

Made in Chelsea’s golden era had unprecedented levels of drama. Slapping, swilling— it was all going on. And, seemingly, many of the OG cast members are still very much not over the feuding from all the way back in 2011 and have made some serious social media snubs to their former fellow cast members.

So, in case you’re curious about whose season one drama lives on, here’s all the OG Made in Chelsea cast who’ve unfollowed each other since leaving the show. We’re sensing serious beef.

Louise and Spencer

Made in Chelsea Spencer and Louise

In potentially one of the most savage break up scenes in Made in Chelsea history, Spencer Matthews told Louise Thompson she’d “allowed” him to cheat on her, before adding he hoped she went home and cried her “eyes out”. Nice! Unsurprisingly, Louise and Spencer don’t now follow each other on Instagram and aren’t friends. But Spencer did admit to Elizabeth Day on her podcast How to Fail he regretted being such a dick. Thank god.

“I have no hard feelings for [Louise],” he said. “I wish her all the best but it’s a shame I yelled at her in that way and I feel embarrassed about it.”

Victoria and Cheska

Made in Chelsea Victoria

Remember the “fat fucking turkey” incident between Victoria and Cheska? Well, all has not been well between the pair since and, unsurprisingly they’ve swerved each other on social media. But Cheska seems to be living her best life down in Devon, where she moved to escape drama.

Spencer and Jamie

Made in Chelsea Spencer and Jamie

Despite, allegedly, being best friends, Spencer was notoriously not invited to Jamie’s wedding last month. And now we’ve realised they don’t follow each other on Instagram either. Odd. To be fair, Spencer only follows five people: his wife Vogue, his two podcasts, his own alcohol brand and his brother’s charity foundation. So, Jamie just hasn’t made the cut. Savage.

Binky and JP

Made in Chelsea Binky and JP

Despite co-parenting their daughter India, having split after three years of on-off dating in 2018, Binky doesn’t follow JP on Instagram. He follows her, though.

“It was literally a mutual decision,” Binky claimed to The Sun of the split at the time. “Things hadn’t been right for a while, but we’d kind of painted over it. I think doing that was unfair on India as well as ourselves. We can’t stick together just because we have a baby.”

Ollie and Mark Francis

made in chelsea mark francies ollie locke

Ollie Lock and Mark Francis were basically eternally in a fight over who was the true king of Chelsea. And, as Ollie’s still on the show, it’s kind of clear who won. Things really came to a head when they started yelling at each other at a Christmas dinner party in season 10. Mark and Victoria called Ollie “pantomime” and the rest is history.

Needless to say, they don’t follow each other on Instagram.

Millie and Victoria

made in chelsea millie mackintosh

Another snub for Victoria (seemingly Made in Chelsea’s most controversial cast member), Millie Mackintosh doesn’t follow her and it’s really not a surprise. Back in 2012, Victoria threatened to slap Millie for “letting” Louise cheat on Jamie with Spencer. And then Professor Green weighed in on Twitter saying: “Did I just see a horse say it’d slap Millie?” This show used to be chaos.

Hugo and Louise

Made in Chelsea Hugo Taylor

Louise and Hugo never really had huge beef on the show but for some reason they’re not following each other on Instagram now. Maybe it’s because he was so close to Spencer while he was cheating on her. Maybe it’s because when Millie divorced Professor Green and went back to Hugo, Louise said it was “very quick”. Who’s to say.

Louise does still follow Millie, though.

Caggie and Spencer

Made in Chelsea Caggie and Spencer

The will they won’t they clearly didn’t end well because Caggie doesn’t follow Spencer on Instagram anymore. She claimed to Closer in 2019 they’re “still friends” just, evidently, the type of friends that don’t want to see each other on their respective timelines.

“He’s very happy,” Caggie said. “Fatherhood really suits him. He’s really come into himself in a great way, so I’m proud of him for that.”

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