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Top five places to eat after a night out in Cambridge

When you’re drunk, you need food without question, but where is best to go?

It’s Wednesday: you’re drunk, sweaty, and most of all starving. The options are vast, but not all are of sufficient quality, so the choice is crucial. Fail, and you’ve spent £5 on potential food poisoning. Succeed, and you’ve spent £5 on average food that tastes incredible when drunk.

I have therefore made it my mission to present to you the five best places to eat after a night out in Cambridge.

5. Uncle Frank’s

The alter ego of the Van of Life, and a high-class option. Located in Market Square, it’s in prime location since it’s right next to all of the clubs. With kebabs, burgers, pizzas, and chips, Uncle Frank provides the lot.

Go-to meal: Sausage and chips.

4. McDonald’s

A Friday and Saturday-exclusive option which prevents it from climbing higher up the list. With a rowdy atmosphere, you are bound to see some interesting scenes here, and quick, good, and cheap food makes McDonald’s a brilliant go-to on a Friday and Saturday night out.

Go-to meal: 20 Chicken Nuggets

A Maccies adventure (Photo Credits: James Hyde)

3. Van of Life

A cracking option on the opposite side of Market Square to Uncle Frank’s.

Pricey, but guaranteed satisfaction with the food and very close to the clubs. This means whether it’s Wednesday Revs, Thursday Mash or Sunday Lola’s, the Van of Life will always be a reliable and quality option.

Go to meal: Cheesy Chips

2. Gardies

Controversial choice to put Gardies as number two with many seeing this as their certified number one. It is a quality option with a great variety and a fairly decent price for a night out.

I am very much going against popular opinion by not putting Gardies first, but it only misses out due to the quality of number one.

Go to meal: Greek Burger

A Gardies end to the night is always a good end! Photo Credits: James Hyde

A Gardies end to the night is a good end to the night. (Photo Credits: James Hyde)

1. City Kebab

City Kebab is so underrated. Mainstream opinion would suggest that Gardies has been robbed of number one, but an objective lens knows the brilliance of City Kebab.

Whatever you wish for, City Kebab provides the best kebabs, pizzas and burgers this city has to offer. It has to take my number one spot.

Go to meal: Chicken Feast Pizza

Me in heaven(Photo credits: James Hyde)

Me in heaven (Photo credits: James Hyde)

For a second opinion, I asked Homerton Freshers what they thought was the best place to eat after a night out and the results are here:

We will agree to disagree.