I Kissed a Boy drama

A comprehensive rundown of all the chaotic I Kissed a Boy drama so far

‘Not kissing Josh and then kissing Bobski three times didn’t sit right with me’

I Kissed a Boy has been the surprise hit reality dating show of 2023, eclipsing its very similar heterosexual ITV counterpart in just four episodes thanks to its carnage cast of gays causing havoc in a Dannii Minogue hosted Italian masseria. I don’t know why I was ever dubious of this show being good – if anyone can make good telly shoved into a house together it’s a load of chaotic gay men. They haven’t failed us once – and as of the time of writing this there’s four drama filled episodes to binge. Perhaps you’re busy, perhaps you want to have a peek of what you’ve been missing out on, perhaps you need a reminder of what went down – I’ve got you covered across all bases. Here’s all the drama that’s gone down in the opening half of I Kissed a Boy.

Josh immediately rejects Bobski

It’s not made abundantly clear how this show has coupled up and matchmade the gays, but apparently a lot of thought went into it. Despite that, newly out Josh (who is clearly going through a lot coming to terms with his sexuality, has never kissed / shagged a fella, etc) decides Bobski isn’t his type at all in an instant which puts the entire saga of the first two episodes in motion.

Ben and Ollie neck at the pride party

Things are starting to hot up a bit between Scottish Ben and Brighton Ollie, with the two necking off a the pride party before they get interrupted by a few of the other gays. Awks.

Mikey’s arrival

Nothing caused more chaos than Scouser Mikey storming into the masseria and turning more than a few heads, no more so than Josh, who whipped his head around away from Bobski so fast it’s a wonder he didn’t get whiplash. Josh then takes Mikey for “a tour”, ahem.

Joseph’s getting drained by Ross

Joseph and Ross were into each other from first kiss, but as episode two kicks off Ross’ more full on and chatty nature is starting to feel abrasive to Joseph who talks about how he’s looking for someone who can also be a bit more chill. Cracks are for sure beginning to show when it comes to I Kissed a Boy drama.

Ben and Ollie have a serious chat

Ben tells Ollie he doesn’t think they’ve had much opportunity to get to know each other and that he thinks Ollie is a closed book. Ollie says he feels like he’s in a rut and struggles to let his guard down a bit.

Mikey takes Josh and Ben on a date

Both dates are pretty drama free, but important to note that despite Josh and Mikey being this like little thing with masseria tours etc they still don’t kiss on their date. Ben and Mikey also don’t kiss.


Jaws on the ground, jaws in the abyss, jaws in the seventh circle of hell. Despite not taking him on a date and despite the dalliance with Josh, Mikey and Bobski almost accidentally trip into flirting and end up necking off on the terrace which results in Bobski getting a rock on. Pure cinema.

Mikey tells Josh about the kiss

The face crack of the century. Josh looks gutted and it is a bit sad, although I get the energy more from him that he’s gobsmacked anyone could wanna neck Bobski when he didn’t want to and I do think that’s a bit sad.

Ross tells Ben he fancies him and Ben mugs him off

Oh this one’s a cringe, but we can’t blame Ross for putting himself out there. Ross confesses to Ben he rather likes him and wants to get to know him because he’s liked the look of him from day one. Ben can barely muster any other reply than “erm”. Hell on earth.

Ben made Ollie wait for it in the kiss off

Omg the tension. Ollie turns round and Ben lingers before turning, getting the gasps of the decade from everyone in the masseria. Bet Ollie’s heart was in his arsehole.

Mikey picks Josh over Bobski and Bobski has to leave the masseria

And the world hasn’t known peace since. Justice for Bobski riots broke out nationwide, the country will not rest.

Ben tells Subomi about the Ross confession as he doubts them two at the kiss off

Ben tells Subomi and Ollie about his thoughts on Joseph and Ross. “Over the last two days it seemed like they’d drifted apart. Ross did say to me yesterday he was interested in me. So the fact he’d done that earlier in the day to flip back to Joe and give that a shot?” Kailum and Ross then walk in and the convo abruptly stops. Awkward.

Dannii’s loaded question in a game causes FIREWORKS

The Minogue enters the masseria and plays a game with the gays which involves her asking a question and the I Kissed a Boy cast going from either a yaas or a pass. The final question is about if anyone thinks that the gays are staying in couples when their hearts aren’t in it. Gareth, Kailum, Ollie and Ben all vote yaas.

Gareth and Kailum cause I Kissed a Boy drama by saying they didn’t think Mikey and Josh have a romantic relationship. Gareth says “Not kissing Josh and then kissing Bobski three times doesn’t sit right with me, it didn’t seem genuine.” Josh then claps back and says to those that don’t buy into what he’s feeling would do well to put themselves in his recently out shoes and see how they’d handle it. A reasonably fair point.

Ben calls out Joe and Ross and says they’re playing it safe. Ross is fuming about it, and Joe is getting the ick over the drama. Later, Ben says there was no malice but Ross says Ollie is also after looking to meet new people. Ben says that isn’t helpful and does a GC “right…” impression. “It was petty, and it was childish,” Ben says. He also calls Ross a shit stirrer.

Ben and Ross continue to hash it out. Ross says he’s defensive of his relationship and Ben tells him his behaviour was “sub-par”.

Mikey and Josh make it a friendship?

I can’t keep up!!! BOBSKI LEFT FOR NOTHING!

Ben and Ollie fizzle out

It’s literally splitsville in episode three. Ollie tells Ben he likes him but something’s missing and they’re just treading water, basically. Thank god for Kailum and Jake and Gareth and Subomi where there’s actually some romance!!!

Joseph and Ross also call it off


Three new lads cause carnage

Dan, Ceejay and Vitor storm into the masseria which obviously puts the cat amongst the pigeons as Ross, Josh, Mikey, Ben, Joseph and Ollie are all now single and looking!!!

Um, Josh leaves???

Beyond belief, it is just beyond belief. Josh leaves the masseria. Get Bobski back on a flight NOW.

Dan and Mikey neck on the terrace!

Is Mikey ever not necking on the terrace?

Dan and Ollie kissed on the terrace! (Daytime edition)

No Mikey involved for once. Dan is the new Mikey. The terrace never knows peace.

And that’s it. All the drama in I Kissed a Boy so far covered. We’ve been left on a cliffhanger for episode five with a Kiss Off, so tune in on Sunday to get your next dosage. From the next time preview, it looks carnage – with a fight brewing between Kailum and Ben???


I Kissed a Boy continues Sunday and Monday at 9pm on BBC Three and iPlayer.

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