How Phillip Schofield can make a comeback to TV and save his career, according to an expert

‘Just look at Jeremy Kyle’

Phillip Schofield could actually save his career, according to a TV expert.

Phillip Schofield has been embroiled in a controversy after he admitted to having an affair with a young employee at ITV’s This Morning. As a result, Phillip has left ITV entirely and was dropped by several brands including his management.

Despite everything though, there could be something in TV left for Phillip and he could be making a return to telly before we know it.

Phillip Schofield could turn things around amid ‘relentless’ backlash

One week on from admitting to his affair, Phillip sat down with the BBC to share his story. After 30 years of telly, he thought his time had come to an end. But chairman of showbiz news agency Intertalent, Jonathan Shalit, told GB News: “The most important thing is that Phillip hasn’t broken the law. Today is a very dark day and the last few weeks have been very tough for him.”

Jonathan said: “I do share some thoughts that what he is now receiving is completely disproportionate – he’s been punished in a way that has really bashed his life beyond imagination, but he will pick himself up. I think the one thing he should hold onto is that time heals.”

‘People do come back’

Jonathan Shalit pointed out how so many celebrities have previously survived “media storms” and they happen “quite regularly.” He claimed the story was “way bigger than the actual issue and it will disappear fairly quickly.”

‘Look at Jeremy Kyle’

Jonathan drew comparisons between Phillip Schofield and Jeremy Kyle. Admitting something terrible happened on Jeremy’s show and he left for a while but now he’s back working on television again.

When asked if he thinks Holly’s career is also over, Jonathan said: “There’s no reason why she shouldn’t continue her career. She’s made absolutely clear she didn’t know and there’s no way to show she didn’t know so therefore, you’re innocent until proven guilty. She’s one of Britain’s best broadcasters. I don’t represent her so I can say that objectively. She’s very experienced and she will come back and continue as long as she wants.”

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