Which show icon is back as a bombshell?! Plus claims Molly has a boyfriend back home!

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Welcome to The Tab’s Love Island 2023 gossip round-up, bringing you the pettiest drama, most scandalous rumours and the least believable tabloid exclusives from around the web.

New bombshell Scott’s ex is Paige Thorne

Love Island 2023

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New bombshell Scott used to date none other than 2022 Islander, Paige Thorne. The footballer reportedly dated her for a few months back in 2020, after they met on the “party circuit” in Wales. Apparently Paige knows a lot of footballers back home, and that’s how she met Scott.

A source told The Sun: “It wasn’t serious with Paige and Scott but they had a great few months together. They met out on the party scene as Paige knows lots of footballers. It didn’t end for any reason in particular, just one of those things. They were both young and not looking for anything serious.”

Kady McDermott is coming back as a bombshell???!!!

Love Island 2023

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I actually can’t breath right now because it’s been reported that KADY MCDERMOTT is joining the villa as a bombshell. Not just that, she’s apparently coming to the show in the next week!!

A source said: “Kady was a fantastic Islander in 2016. She made brilliant television and bosses are hoping she can recreate the same magic in the villa this summer. She’s also still looking for love so for Kady the hope is that she can finally find the man of her dreams.

“Olivia and Alex and Nathan and Cara from her series are happy, in love, and even have families of their own. Kady, especially now she’s older and wiser when it comes to dating, is longing for the same fairytale ending.”


People are convinced they know who’s going home in the double dumping

During the episode last night, there was a vote ahead of a possible double dumping. Straight after the vote was announced, naturally, everyone headed to Twitter to see what the thoughts of the day were.

The Sun is reporting that fans are convinced Mitch and Molly are going home, and tbh, can you imagine how chaotic that would be? “Manifesting Molly and Mitch to go home,” one person tweeted. Another said: “Molly and Mitch better go Zach gets a pass this time.”


Scott has left his football club

Footballer Scott has left his club to join the show, and his boss has released a statement about it. The 22-year-old plays for League of Ireland Premier Division team Shelbourne as a goalkeeper.

Joking, the team’s manager Damien Duff said: “I was shocked and saddened that Scott chose a villa in Mallorca full of beautiful single women over myself, the staff and the players.”

Joe and George Baggs have claimed Molly Marsh had a boyfriend when they met her just before the show

Gogglebox brothers and TikTokers George and Joe Baggs said on a podcast that they know Molly, and when they spoke to her at an event “two or three months ago” they were sure she had a boyfriend. “I bet he’s a bit gutted now watching this,” Joe laughed. George then added the boyfriend “works on cruise ships” so would be in the ocean right now, potentially with no idea she’s on the show.

George said all this with some conviction, but then did question he might have got it wrong. Maybe they’ve split up recently? But then how long does the casting process take? Does this mystery man even exist? I need answers!

Viewers have spotted a villa feud!

via ITV

Here we go! Villa feuds are erupting! There has been a lot of drama and tension already this season, but now The Sun is reporting there’s a new big beef on the horizon.

Obviously it’s been pretty clear some of the girls have been sly around Molly, and hints of a feud have been brewing there for a while. But, following the task last night, it’s all but confirmation the girls have turned on Molly. There was a lot of kissing in the challenge, and Charlotte, Whitney and Ella all chose to kiss Zach. Are they purposefully rilling up Molly?

Wait, they all hate Zach too?

More drama more drama! It was also mentioned in the episode last night that it was Zach’s birthday, but… the Islanders did nothing. People have all jumped to the only natural conclusion here – it’s because they hate him. Sure!

Gillian McKeith’s daughter has been lined up as a bombshell?!

Um, guys, apparently Gillian McKeith’s daughter is going to be a bombshell? According to reports, her daughter Afton is “in talks” with the show to enter later on this series.

The 23-year-old used to date Brooklyn Beckham, and is said to be “more than willing” to chat about this in the villa. Apparently Gillian has been pulling strings at ITV to get her daughter in there. Do it!

Scott also knows Anna-May from the winter series

Love Island 2023

via Instagram

Newbie Scott has a number of Islander links it seems, as in addition to Paige, he also knows Anna-May from the winter series earlier this year. The two are both Welsh, so it’s believed they could be friends from home.

When he was announced as part of the cast, Anna-May posted on Instagram to say they’d been having “pep talks” together ahead of his stint on the show.

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