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Love Island 2023 siblings

Love Island 2023 siblings: Meet the brothers and sisters of this year’s cast

Ella’s sister is one of the UK’s top fashion photographers

There is no one that knows the Love Island 2023 cast better than their friends and family, but more importantly their siblings. Each year, Islanders leave their brothers and sisters at home as they watch on in the hopes of their siblings being crowned the next Love Island champions.

While this year’s Islander siblings may not be in the villa with them, they have been cheering them on from the comfort of their homes. So, meet the brothers and sisters of the Love Island 2023 cast.

Zachariah’s sister, Cheyenne

Zachariah’s sister is none other than Cheyenne David, better known as the radio presenter Snoochie Shy. When Zachariah had entered the villa, Snoochie shared a wholesome post on Instagram. “Well here we go. My baby bro is in the Love Island villa!!! Go Zac.”

Jess’s brother, Max

via ITV

Jess Harding’s younger brother made an appearance on Love Island: After Sun and everyone was simply obsessed. The 21-year-old joked he was going to apply for the series next year.

During the show, Maya Jama jokingly asked: “Oh look at you, are you trying to apply?” to which he replied: “Yeah go on, get me an application. I’m only 21 so I can go on next year!”


Go smash it sis🤍 @Jess Harding 🫶🏼 #loveisland #fyp #xyzbca #sister #foryou

♬ Maria Maria – TECH IT DEEP

Tyrique’s siblings, Mekhi and Tienna

Tyrique’s brother Mekhi has been sharing with his followers videos of Tyrique from outside the villa and it’s safe to say, he’s just as chaotic. In one video, Mekhi wrote: “POV: Your brother is on Love Island”, along with a compilation of videos.

In another video Mekhi shared what his and Tyrique’s ethnicity was. “We’re Jamaican, Trinidadians, Somalia and English,” he explained in a TikTok, continuing: “We are a quarter of each.” Like Tyrique, Mekhi also played football and played for Maldon and Tiptree FC.

In another video Mekhi shared what his and Tyrique’s ethnicity was. “We’re Jamaican, Trinidadians, Somalia and English,” he explained in a TikTok, continuing: “We are a quarter of each.” Like Tyrique, Mekhi also played football and played for Maldon and Tiptree FC.

Tyrique also has a younger sister called Tienna who posted a super wholesome video about him on TikTok.


foreva proud❤️ #tyriquehyde #loveisland2023 #tyriqueloveisland #fyp #viral

♬ BLUE – ㅤ

Molly’s sister, Maisie

Molly has a younger sister called Maisie who often features in a lot of Molly’s Instagram photos and TikTok videos. Like Molly, Maisie has a pretty decent Instagram following with over 4,000 followers and she even has a manager!

Maisie turned 15 back in May and Molly took her to DisneyLand! “Happy birthday sis!! I’m sure you’ll never forget flying there and back to DisneyLand for your 15th birthday,” Molly wrote on Instagram.

Mitchel’s sister

Mitchel has a sister and she recently appeared on an episode of Aftersun. While she didn’t say a lot, she agreed with her family who told Mitch to just keep being himself while on Love Island.

via ITV

Whitney’s sister, Liz


This house is not a home without you! MISS U GWORL 🥹 @Whitney #whitneyadebayo #teamwhitney #whitneyadebayoedit #whitneyloveisland #whitneyloveislandedit #loveisland #fyp

♬ original sound – liz ♕

Whitney has a sister called Liz, who from the looks of her TikTok, has been missing her a lot while in the villa. Liz has posted a ton of TikTok videos supporting her sister, saying their house doesn’t feel like a home while Whitney has been on Love Island. Wholesome!


proud is an understatement! 🥹 #whitneyadebayo #loveisland #loveislanduk #fyp #whitneyloveisland

♬ original sound – liz ♕

Ella’s sisters, Monica and Ifro

Ella has two sisters, Monica and Ifro, who both appeared on Aftersun supporting her. It was Ifro who helped Ella get signed to her modelling agency three years ago.

Ifro is one of the UK’s top fashion photographers, according to Daily Record. “Ifro is good friends with Natasha Luwedde who is one of the nation’s top black supermodels and is with Colours. She suggested Ella come into see us three years ago and we signed her on the spot,” Ella’s manager told the publication.

“There is no doubt in our minds that she is destined for great things in the world of modelling and we can see her being a success in the US.”

During their appearance on Aftersun, Maya Jama asked Ella’s sister Monica if Tyrique is a match, to which said: “Yeah definitely, he’s definitely Ella’s type.”

“I was there when they met,” she continued. “Yeah, he was chatting up Ella and afterwards Ella said ‘he’s really fit, isn’t he?'”

Ouzy’s five sisters

Yes, you read that correctly. Ouzy has five sisters! A video of them doing a TikTok trend has been going viral and everyone is obsessed with how close they all are.

When he and Kady were dumped from the villa, the bombshell said she is excited to meet his sisters and visit Edinburgh with him.

“I’m excited to go on dates with him and experience everyday things. I’ve never been to Edinburgh so I’m definitely going to go to Edinburgh,” she said.

“He’s got five beautiful sisters and he said they’ll all love me. He’s going to come down to my house and meet my dog.”

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