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‘She doesn’t exist to me anymore’: Trisha Paytas responds to Colleen Ballinger’s scandal

Colleen Ballinger allegedly shared and mocked Trisha’s explicit photos

Colleen Ballinger is continuing to face immense backlash after a series of grooming allegations surfaced and she responded with a ukulele apology. Now after everyone waiting for it, Trisha Paytas has finally responded and has spoken up on her part in Colleen Ballinger’s scandal. Here’s a rundown of how Trisha played a part and what she has said in response.

‘I can’t take this lightly’

Trisha Paytas made her feelings about Colleen Ballinger crystal clear in her YouTube video. She is unimpressed by the way Ballinger has dismissed her fans and is disgusted to find out her private photos were publicly shared and mocked. She said: “It’s very serious and it’s a topic I don’t take lightly and I can’t take lightly.”

For context, several fans have come forward claiming Colleen Ballinger sent them Trisha Paytas’ explicit photos and mocked them. Trisha and Colleen have been “friends” for years, recently they even launched a podcast together however they haven’t posted a new episode since before things kicked off again for Colleen.

Trisha Paytas added: “I do not condone at all unsolicited nudes being sent. Sex worker or not, I think using someone’s nudes as a way to hurt them, make fun of them, make light of them or be mean is the lowest form of intelligence. I think that’s so inhumane. I think that’s so disgusting.”

In her video, Trisha also claimed there were multiple times Colleen Ballinger used her private photos for a joke. And when she asked Colleen Ballinger about the controversy, she denied everything and assured her she didn’t share any photos. When Trisha saw Colleen Ballinger’s past actions being shared online by former fans she said her “heart was racing” and she felt sick to her stomach. She said: “That’s probably the worst I’ve seen from someone that I’ve considered a friend. That’s pretty barbaric, that’s pretty misogynistic, and it is downright cruel.”

Trisha said: “She does not exist to me anymore.” Since uploading the video, Trisha Paytas has unfollowed Colleen Ballinger on Instagram and deleted all photos they share together promoting their podcast.

You can watch Trisha Paytas’ full video here.

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