All the theories as to why the Love Island 2023 cast all seem to hate Scott right now

Are we missing something here?

Right, the Love Island villa is confusing me at the moment. Us as viewers at home have been calling for justice for Scott, after he stayed loyal during Casa Amor and Catherine recoupled. But, the Islanders themselves all seem to have this hidden beef with him. So I am asking: Why do the Love Island 2023 cast members all seem to hate Scott?

I’m sat at home wondering if there’s some sort of historic feud we haven’t been shown, because Scott seems to have been given a real hard time by everyone. His brother has recently posted to defend him against the Islanders, but what is actually going on?

Here are all the theories about why Scott has been on the receiving end of so much hate in the Love Island villa.

Scott was only ever close with Catherine and Whitney, and never gelled with any of the other Islanders

Ok so the main theory as to why Scott is taking the brunt of a lot of Islander beef right now goes all the way back to when he was happily coupled up with Catherine. They had a really wholesome relationship at first, and in the morning Whitney would hop into their bed and they’d all have a little gossip.

However, now he and Catherine aren’t together and it’s all gone sour, that’s stopped happening. People think Scott put all his energy into this friendship, and never bothered to gel with the other Islanders – and now he doesn’t have this anymore.

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Love Island regularly posts the pictures the Islanders have been taking on their phones in the villa, and Scott isn’t in a single one. There are big group photos of the boys hanging out, and he’s literally just… not there. There is definitely something going on here.

Tyrique doesn’t like Scott, and the rest of the villa always follows him

Scott has been getting a lot of hate on Love Island 2023

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The first signs of some bubbling tension began to show when Tyrique called out Scott and accused him of not liking Catherine that much, and “playing games”. Obviously we all saw that wasn’t the case after Casa, but Tyrique never took back his comments.

Then in Casa, we saw Tyrique egging on the boys, and encouraging them to kiss the new girls – and they all just fell into line, following Tyrique’s orders. People have speculated Scott isn’t as easily lead astray, but because Ty clearly has an axe to grind with Scott, the other boys have followed his lead with this, too.

One person on Twitter said: “Now I see why Tyrique doesn’t like Scott, because Scott doesn’t follow him like the others.” Another said: “This is why Tyrique doesn’t like Scott. He knew he can’t manipulate him like he is toying with the other guys so he sowed a seed of doubt in Cath.”

Scott and Leah had a falling out, and it’s spiralled from there

Another apparent feud which could have easily spiralled further is between Scott and Leah. His comment about her not talking for four weeks, as accurate as it was, was very harsh – and she didn’t take it well. Equally, she was firing shots saying he only came back from Casa single because none of the girls wanted him. It was petty low blows all over the place.

Someone on Twitter very kindly pointed out it’s a bit rich for Leah to say none of the girls liked Scott, when before Montel, she attempted to get to know Scott, but he wasn’t interested. Has there been some bitterness brewing here for a while?

The cast are all just super loyal to Catherine

The likelihood of what’s actually going on here is that the Islanders are just really loyal to OG Islander Catherine, and have chosen a side.

We see it time and time again: Any Islanders who are OGs, i.e. not bombshells or Casa Amor additions, stay loyal to each other no matter what, and create cliques, often disregarding new Islanders. Scott is probably just the latest person to have this happen to him.

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