The girlies are fighting! Here’s a rundown of the drama between the MAFS Australia 2023 brides

Fives months on and it’s still going

The Married at First Sight Australia 2023 brides have all been making catty remarks about each other following the Logies Awards and they don’t seem to be on the best of terms. It all began with one comments from Claire about Melinda during a red carpet interview and it has since spiralled out of control, with all the MAFS Australia 2023 brides now getting involved. But how and more importantly why?

Here’s a rundown of the drama between all the MAFS Australia 2023 brides seeing as it doesn’t seem like it’s going to end anytime soon.

Claire claims Melinda was ignoring the other brides at an awards show

It all kicked off at the Logie Awards. Think BAFTAs but for Australian TV. A load of the MAFS Australia brides and grooms were invited to the ceremony due to the show being up for an award.

During the event, Claire spoke to Punkee and said she was getting “weird vibes” and “a bit of tense energy” from a “couple” of her fellow brides from the show.

“Melinda didn’t say ‘hi’ to us and we’re not really sure why,” she told the publication. “I came here to have a good time, but at the end of the day, you can’t make people like you. Not everyone’s going to be your person and I’m okay with that.”

After making the sassy remark, she continues to go in on Melinda, claiming that the bride said she couldn’t “associate” with Claire because she thought she was going to be the villain on the show due to her cheating on Jesse.

However, she went on to say she didn’t care because she was still close with a number of the brides from the show.

“I’ve got Sandy, Evelyn, Tahnee, Janelle, a great crew of girls,” she continued. “I’ve got Alyssa and Lyndall. So, you know, it’s women empowering women and we’re here for that.”


Melinda then calls out ‘mean girls’ from the show

Mere hours after Claire’s interview went live on TikTok, Melinda defended herself against the comments.

“I’d like to talk on this because I am beyond being bullied and harassed by these mean girls,” she wrote in a post on her Instagram story. “The treatment I’ve received during and post-experiment is not okay.”

Melinda had previously hinted at a “secret divide” between the MAFS Australia 2023 cast and did at one point admit she wasn’t in contact with Claire because she cheated on Jesse during the show.

Some cast members have admitted they ‘don’t know what the beef is’

During a So Dramatic! podcast, a witness to the Logies drama said they “don’t know what the beef is”, and some of the cast are being “dragged into it” just for being associated with the show.

“Melinda never made eye contact with any of us, we’re not going to chase her down to say ‘hi’ to her,” they told the podcast host.

Melinda said she was ‘staying strong’ amid all the drama

Following on from the drama between the MAFS Australia 2023 brides, Melinda said she was “staying strong”.

“Dried me eyes and put my big girl clothes on today,” she wrote on Instagram. “Shutting out the noise and lies spreading through the media. Showing up today for the people in my life who need me and deserve me.

“Staying strong for young Mel, who wasn’t always this confident and self assure[d]. Staying strong for all the young girls who follow me and need someone to look up to.”

It doesn’t end there as Evelyn and Lyndall defend Claire

Lyndall, Evelyn and Sandy later weighed in on the drama under a video of Claire talking about Melinda, defending their fellow bride.

“Claire is an incredible friend who sticks up for what’s right, no matter your edit,” Lyndall wrote in the comment section of the video.

In a response to a TikTok user calling out Claire, Lyndall said: “Sounds exactly like this comment section is piling on Claire actually!”

“For someone with her platform to disparage another woman like that is disappointing and the fact you can’t see that says a lot about you,” one user replied.

“Jumping at Claire’s through en mass[e] is also disappointing from a comment section talking about supporting women,” Lyndall clapped back. “When that is all I’ve done here.”

Sandy, who become good friends with Claire on the show, said there was “no drama” and that Claire only “answered with the truth”.

In another comment, a TikToker claimed that Claire was doing anything but empowering other women.

“Love you girly but publicly ganging up on Melinda is nasty and you should all be ashamed.No wonder she didn’t say hi! You all excluded her lol,” one user wrote.

Evelyn clapped back and wrote: “Y’all have no idea.”

Damn, okay!

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