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‘It was so sad’: MIC’s Inga Valentiner on her ‘heartbreaking’ split from Sam Prince

She tells The Tab why their break up almost made her leave the show

It’s fair to say it’s been a bumpy ride for Inga Valentiner and Sam Prince. They got together, split up after six months when he caught feelings for Verity Bowditch, got back together, became inseparable during the Bali season, took a leap and moved in together— only to split up right on camera during filming for the Made In Chelsea: Corsica season this summer. Chaos.

So, as their break up airs in the new season of the show, we caught up with Inga to hear about the shock split, how she felt when Sam started hooking up with Yas Zweegers right under her nose, and why the drama almost made her leave the show altogether.


“I’ve only just watched it back and I found it really heartbreaking,” admits Inga of the emotional break up scenes which saw both her and Sam break down in tears, claiming they still loved each other. “I almost blanked the break up out and forgot about it,” she adds. “It was really sad… I think I’m still processing it now.

“I’m incredibly nervous for it to come out because it’s not really something I want to relive but I’m going to have to,” she continues. “On top of that, I’m going to have so many people commenting on it, judging it, putting in their opinions, which always makes it harder. I’m gonna stay off socials for a while.” 

And as if breaking up with your boyfriend in front of a camera crew while on a six week trip to Corsica isn’t hard enough, Sam then started hooking up with Inga’s friend and co-star Yas— while they were all living in the same villa:

“What follows after [the split] overrode all of the emotions of the break up,” says Inga. “I took some time to myself and tried to process the whole thing but it wasn’t long before things started unravelling elsewhere,” she hints of the Yas drama. “I didn’t have much time to get over my relationship. So, it took away from the sadness but I didn’t have a natural ending to my break up.

“My hardest day isn’t even in the first two episodes,” she continues. “I was thinking ‘how do I get through this time, this relationship, this break up and keep my strength. But you pull through and luckily I had Willow and Liv – they were just so unbelievably supportive and helpful and took me under their wing and made sure I was away from it all,” she says. 

Some days during the Corsica trip, Inga was so overwhelmed by being surrounded by her ex and the girl he was now interested in, she considered packing her bags and going home. “There were times where I thought I could just leave now and not have to deal with this,” she admits. “But then I felt like I deserved to be there and I wanted to be there. 

“If anything, the silver lining was that I actually got back some long lost friendships: Miles and I reconnected. Liv and I reconnected. In a way, I walked away with much more than I went into Corsica with.” 

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