Five months on, here’s what the Love Is Blind season four cast are all up to now

Paul has a new girlfriend!

Every season of Love Is Blind has had us in a chokehold like no other reality TV show and somehow it’s already been five months since our last dose of couples getting engaged after speaking to their partners for weeks despite never seeing them in real life.

It’s been five months season season four of Love Is Blind dropped on Netflix and so you may be wondering what all the couples have been getting up to and as well as those who left the experiment single.

Here’s everything we know about what the season four cast of Love Is Blind have been up to.

Brett and Tiffany

No one has loved a Love Is Blind couple more than Lauren and Cameron until Brett and Tiffany came along, showing us exactly what emotional maturity truly is. In the wedding episodes, viewers saw the couple both said yes at the altar and they looked closer than ever during the live reunion in April 2023.

Talking about their relationship back in April, Tiffany said: “I love that my love for him has just grown deeper and deeper. I wake up every morning and I’m just so thankful. Like, oh my gosh, I’m still pinching myself that I found him on a TV show.”

Brett and Tiffany are still married and have been living their best lives. Over the summer months, the pair travelled across the US and Canada to Georgia, Toronto – where they saw none other than Beyonce during her Renaissance World Tour. Wholesome!

Chelsea and Kwame

While no one was sure what was going to happen at Chelsea and Kwame’s wedding, they both said yes and are still married! During the show, viewers saw Chelsea struggle with not having the best relationship with Kwame’s mother, but that is now all water under the bridge.

Speaking to US Weekly in March 2023, Chelsea said spending Thanksgiving with Kwame’s family helped her massively.

“It was an amazing first visit. I went in with little expectations. I knew she was gonna be very observant of me but it was a great experience. When I stepped foot into their home, I felt at home. I felt like it was my family,” she explained.

The couple have been travelling and even visited Santorini in Greece for their honeymoon. The pair also visited Turkey and Mykonos. They also went on a cruise! Love!

Bliss and Zack

Bliss and Zack had a strong connection instantly, but Zack chose to ask Irina to marry him, however he soon realised he made a mistake. During the live reunion, Bliss and Zack revealed they were still married and Bliss soon moved into Zack’s apartment in Seattle.

Like a lot of the other couples, Bliss and Zack have been travelling and the couple visited London, Cabos and Montenegro. Jet setters!

Jackelina and Josh

Jackelina and Josh weren’t initially in a couple however after her relationship with Marshall didn’t work out, she found love with Josh. Jackelina last posted a photo of her and Josh in June 2023 and it seems as though they are still together.

In June, the couple went to Viejas Casino and Resort in San Diego and Jackelina shared a carousel of photos of her and Josh. “I wanna be with you everything,” she captioned the post.


Marshall’s life changed drastically after appearing on Love Is Blind and instantly rose to fame. After viewers saw his relationship with Jackelina break down, Marshall revealed he was dating Dr Chay Burns. Chay works in labour and delivery and also created The Wellness Series, a self care portal for health and wellness inspiration.

In July 2023, it was announced that Marshall was starting a foundation to support the creative arts. Marshall teamed up with GoFundMe to launch The Chesholm Road Fund, which is a “charitable fundraiser named after the road of his childhood home”.

He decided to start the fund “to help art focused organisations catalyse dreams, provide sanctuary for artistic souls and ignite lasting change.” Every grant will go to “verified recipients and non-profits in the creative community”.


Irina has well and truly moved on from her Love Is Blind villain status and seems to just be cracking on with life. After the show, her business rebranded and she seems to be putting her energy into that.

Her Instagram is still a major vibe. Did someone say the Molly-Mae school of Instagram posting?


Micah was set to marry Paul during Love Is Blind season four but that didn’t go to plan when he chose not to marry her. Since the show ended, Micah has been revamping her life and isn’t focusing on the haters and trolls.

“Truly I have never felt happier, lighter and more in tune with myself. Sometimes you have to hit the lowest lows to get where you need to be,” she captioned an Instagram post along with the hashtag “#mentalhealthawarenessmonth” in June 2023.

Micah has been attending sports games, catching a tan and spending time with her friends, not letting the hate bother her.


Paul has well and truly moved on from Love Is Blind and is even in a new relationship! While he hasn’t posted loads since he was on the show, Paul hard launched his new relationship in June 2023.

Paul’s new girlfriend is Geneva Dunham, the owner of eyelash business Lashes x Geneva. Paul and Geneva have been travelling with one another and sharing their wholesome moments on Instagram.

Geneva has been quick to shut down hate towards Micah on her Instagram profile. In the comments of one of her Instagram posts, Geneva wrote: “Hi everyone! It’s so heartwarming to read all of your kind words. As well intended as some comments may be, it’s been disheartening seeing our posts used to criticise other women.

“I’ve done what I can to restrict hateful comments but I encourage those who want to show support to do so without tearing anyone down. Thank you, we’re so excited to share more of our story.”

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