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All the petty things the 2023 Islanders have said about each other since the show ended

It’s all utter chaos

The Love Island 2023 cast had their fair share of petty drama while being in the villa together and that has continued on since the show ended. Now all the cast are back home, whether they’re appearing on podcasts or joining Instagram lives, they’ve all had a fair share to say about each other – in the pettiest way possible.

If you’ve somehow managed to avoid the storm that is Mitch versus Kady, well done, you’re not as obsessed with Love Island drama like the rest of us. While there have been some wholesome moments amongst the cast, they have also been throwing shade where they deem it as necessary.

So what’s been said? Here are all the petty things the Love Island 2023 cast have all said about each other.


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Kady was the first to kick off the petty drama when she was dumped from the villa. During her various podcast appearances, Kady claimed Mitch was the biggest game player in the villa, after he openly admitted to being a super fan of the show. Oh, that was after she called Mitch and Ella B’s romance fake.

Speaking with Heat, Kady said: “Ella B and Mitch. It’s fake from both sides. In the villa we were with each other every second of the day. We know if there is genuine connections or not. Them two are faking it.”

Kady went on to claim that Mitch told her he wanted to be a “memorable character”. “He is being smart because Mitch is very like, he’s studied every series of Love Island. He’s like [a] super fan [of] Love Island,” she claimed.

“I think he’s smart, he knows that they’re all going to vote them as the least compatible so he’s throwing that madness out there, Ella B’s fake to confirm the fact that he knows they’re already going,”


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Mitch and Ella B were dumped after Kady and Ouzy and when he joined the podcast circuit, he had A LOT to say about Kady’s comments.

Mitch and Ella B were dumped after Kady and Ouzy and when he joined the podcast circuit, he had A LOT to say about Kady’s comments.

During his first podcast appearance, Mitch claimed Kady had a boyfriend while on the show and was even wearing his bracelet while in the villa. Kady has denied every claim that she had a secret boyfriend, saying it was “categorically false”.


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Shortly before the Love Island 2023 reunion, Zach joined an Instagram live with Mitch and George shared a catty remark about Kady. Zach said: “This retired pocket rocket has been saying quite a bit”, before Mitch replied: “She’s been messy, she’s been making me look clean! She’s roasting everyone.”


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Scott has only been on one podcast since Love Island but he did not hold back. During an interview with On Demand Entertainment, Scott said Kady knew “exactly” what she was doing while on Love Island. To be honest, if we deep it, it makes sense given she’s done it all before.

“Kady knows what she is doing, Kady played the game better than anyone in there. The comments that she made to me, to Molly and Zach, she knows what she’s doing,” he said.

“She’s been in this game for seven years. Every single thing where she acts innocent about it, she’s not acting innocent. She knows exactly what she’s doing. Kady is being Kady, I respect her for it, I love Kady but don’t come at me because you’re doing it better than anyone girl.”


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Leah threw some some shade at her Love Island ex, Montel, in an Instagram comment that hinted he had been unfaithful to her after the show, which he has since denied.

In response to a TikTok comment about their split, Leah wrote: “Yes I forgave once in the villa and was ready to move on from it but I don’t forgive twice.” Yikes!

This led a lot of people to assume that Montel had cheated on her, but he shut down the rumours, explaining the reason for their split.

“Obviously after what happened in Casa, pictures came out and Leah wasn’t happy with the position of the pictures where people were posted.”

The picture in question is of him, Andre, Elom, Kodie, Gabby and Tink. In the photo, Tink and Gabby are crouched down and Tink is in front of Montel.

Montel continued: “She [Leah] wasn’t happy with how people were positioned in the picture, she said it made her feel a type of way, she was unhappy, it made her feel stupid which I do understand.”


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Amber has been the queen of petty comments on TikTok and people have been loving it. Ahead of the Love Island reunion, Amber posted a TikTok video throwing some major petty shade at her other Islanders. Amber captioned the video: “May have come out single from [Love Island] but half the couples have split not even a week after anyways.” Lol.


♬ –


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Abi doesn’t seem to have let the whole being gaslit by a gas engineer go and has been posting some petty comments on her TikTok. Abi posted a video with the caption: “When people ask me if I would get back with him”, with the audio saying they’d rather put their head through a window than do something.


The number 1 question im asked right now .. #singlelife #girlboss

♬ original sound – Zoe

Abi still isn’t holding back. In a recent interview with OK!, she claimed that Ella B was threatened by her previous romance with Mitchel, saying that she [Abi] had a better connection with the Islander.

“I’m not jealous, I was just honest when I said that me and Mitch had a better connection,” she told the publication.

“But I’ve noticed that he’s not the same when he’s with her as he was with me, in terms of affection and how he interacts. So, I think Ella B is a bit threatened by me saying that we had a better connection – but I’m not going to lie.”

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