‘I walked so Scott could run’: 2023 Islanders react to Scott as a Love Island USA bombshell

Loads of his fellow Love Island cast members have made shady digs about his shock decision

Over the weekend we all heard the shock news that Love Island 2023’s Scott van-der-Sluis has entered the Love Island USA villa as a bombshell, just weeks after coming home from the UK show.

Of course, all of our first thoughts went to Catherine, who previously he’d been hinting at reuniting with, but now that looks as though that’s definitely not going to happen. No matter how heartbroken we all are, you’ve got to hand it to Scott, he’s putting in the hours. He’s committed to being a Love Island character.

But what do those who just flew back with him think about his shock move? Here’s everything his fellow UK cast members have said about Scott entering the Love Island USA villa.

‘I never lie, I never lie’


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Kady made heavy hints she thinks Scott is a game player for going back in the villa, in a now deleted Instagram story post. During it, she was asked what she thought about him going on the show, considering she got so much stick for “playing a game” by doing it herself.

She said: “I wasn’t going to comment on this but I’m probably getting thousands of messages on this. Scott actually messaged me the other day and was like, ‘Kady, I’m doing a you.’ I was like, ‘Elaborate, what do you mean you’re doing a me?’ And obviously said he’s going on Love Island USA.

“I was like ‘Scottisha! Scottisha!’ Best of luck to him and I said that to him. You’ve got to do what you’ve got to do but, people say and think what they want about me but one thing is that I never lie. I never lie.” This was definitely a huge hint at her spilling about Scott on podcasts after the show. She’s branded him a game player, and said “he knows what he’s doing” when talking about his villa actions.

‘He’s working hard’

Winner Sammy Root has also shared what he thinks about the news, after he was asked his thoughts during a TikTok live. He said: “What do I think of Scott in Love Island USA? You’ve got to rate it. He’s working hard.”

‘I walked so Scott could run’

Love Island 2023 cast react to Scott as USA bombshell

via Instagram

Of course Messy Mitch was going to be right there with a comment about Scott. He posted the picture announcing the news onto his Instagram story and added: “I walked so Scott could run.” I’m expecting podcast interviews galore this week!

‘We’ll be in America soon soon’

Now for the person we’ve all been waiting for a reaction from. Right up until the day it was announced Scott was joining Love Island USA, we were all patiently waiting for confirmation of a Scott and Catherine reunion. Just the week before he had heavy hinted they were getting back together. But apparently not!

In a live posted by Whitney, she can be heard saying she isn’t going to talk about the situation, but Catherine comes in the comments section making a sly “we’ll be in America soon soon” dig. Tell us MORE.

‘Going to smash it’

Love Island 2023 cast react to Scott as USA bombshell

via Instagram

Abi and Scott were in the villa together, and tried to make it work as a couple before deciding they were better off as friends and getting dumped. There’s clearly no bad blood between the two of them given Scott being a bombshell, as she posted wishing him well on the show.

“Going to smash it,” she said, sharing a video of Scott entering the new villa.

‘I might tell you a joke, but I’ll never tell you a lie’

Love Island 2023 cast react to Scott as USA bombshell

via Instagram

It looks like Tyrique has also made a subtle dig at Scott’s decision to go on the show again, too. He shared Scott’s professional Islander photo, and posted the viral phrase: “I might tell you a joke, but I’ll never tell you a lie”. Is he referencing the big fallout in the villa when he told Scott he was playing a game and didn’t have true feelings for Catherine? I think he is!

He did add “all the best bro, go do us proud” so again, he’s probably just joking.

In the comments section of Scott being announced for Love Island 2023, loads of his fellow Islanders have shared messages

It looks as though the US version of the show doesn’t have the same social media ban for Islanders as ours does, as Scott’s Instagram account has been posting about him being a bombshell, and the UK Islanders have sent loads of wishes in the comments section.

“My brudahhh,” Zach said. Lochan added: “Scottishaaaaaaaa” and Tyrique added a further comment which read: “Go show them what the UK’s about.” Casa Amor bombshell Ouzy said: “Let’s goooo my guy” and Mitch added: “MAXIMUM ONE LINERS!!!” Amber Wise from Casa Amor also wished him well, and commented: “ahhhh congrats man 🫶🏼🫶🏼🫶🏼”.

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