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Why you should write for the Cambridge Tab this term

We want YOU this Michaelmas

Do you want creative freedom, fun socials and free Jack’s gelato? Then look no further! Here are all the reasons you should apply to be a writer for The Tab (or a section editor, or part of the social media team).

Flexibility and creative freedom

Write what you want when you want to. Did the king rock up to your lecture halls (true story) or do you want to write about playing Rock Paper Scissors?

Write as much as you want, when you want to. No minimum, no expectations, no pressure.

 The best socials and incentives

We are very proud of our great community and even better editors 🙂 Pub trip anyone?

Plus, who can resist the allure of FREE Jack’s as a reward for winning ‘article of the week’? Not to mention opportunities to get free tickets to ADC shows, to interview celebs from the President of Armenia to WillNE, and even to get complementary meals from restaurants in exchange for a review!

Who can resist ice cream? (photo credits: Kirsty Falconer)

It’s a CV booster

In addition to being a recognised organisation to employers, the Tab provides you with the opportunity to practise a variety of skills that can benefit you in future professions. From writing, to organisation, to teamwork. And, most importantly, you can show them the articles you’ve written!

Cambridge Tab graduates have gone on to work for the Daily Mail, the Telegraph, public relations, marketing, and many other companies! Not to mention, our articles have been picked up by the BBC, The Times, The Telegraph, and The Daily Mail in recent years.

No experience required.

Even if you’ve never written an article, we welcome you! Get professional media training, and a platform to take your first steps into journalism.

Sign up here 🙂