Strike a pose: These are 2023’s most Instagrammable UK universities

Not a sad grey concrete building in sight

Everyone thinks that their uni is the best in the UK. Whether it’s league tables, how good the city is for a night out, or the price of a pint, the uni rivalry is strong.

But more important than any of that is actually just how good it looks on your Insta feed. What’s the point in going to a pretty uni if you can’t show it off to all your mates back home and make them jealous?

But which uni is actually the most Instagrammable in the UK? Well it turns out there’s some official data on this. Uni cyber security company VPNOverview has analysed how many times the 100 highest-rated UK universities have been hashtagged in public posts on Instagram to work out the most aesthetic Uni in the UK.

So here is a rundown of the official most Instagrammable universities in the UK:

11. University of Nottingham

The University might have come 59th in The Guardian’s new league tables but at least it made the list of most Instagrammable Unis in the UK!

With 97k posts on the #universityofnottingham hashtag, Notts is oficially the 11th most Instagrammable UK Uni.

10. King’s College London

I’m sorry but judging from this pic, King’s should be a lot higher on the list. With 101,341 posts on the hashtag it’s at number 10. I mean just looking at how beautiful the Maughan Library is is enough to put it on this list alone but the law building here? Absolutely stunning. I’m sure it would cost you an absolute bomb to enjoy it but at least it looks good on the Gram.

9. University of Sheffield

Probably not the first one that comes to mind when thinking of Instagrammable universities, Sheffield is ninth with 101,349 posts on the #universityofsheffield hashtag. I’m wondering how many of those 100k posts are pictures of students pretending to by Arctic Monkeys.

8. Newcastle University

As the eighth most aesthetic uni, Newcastle University has over 107,011 posts under the #newcastleuniversity hashtag on Instagram. It did just move down the rankings to be the 63rd best uni in the UK though so swings and roundabouts I guess.

7. University of Leeds

Going to Leeds Uni just looks like such a vibe in general so it’s no surprise that it features on this ranking. Leeds has 119,728 posts under the #universityofleeds hashtag on Insta. Obsessed with the flowers in this pic!

6. University of Manchester

A sick night out AND a pretty campus. What more could you want? Coming in at number six, the #uniofmanchester hashtag has over 130,400 posts on Insta.

5. University of Glasgow

University of Glasgow is fifth with a total of 130,400 public hashtags posts across Instagram. St Andrews might have topped the Guardian’s league table as the best uni in the UK but Glasgow is the only Scottish university to make the list.

4. University of Birmingham

At number four is The University of Birmingham. Birmingham has 142,536 posts under the hashtag. The seventh largest uni in the UK, most of the pictures on the hashtag, unsurprisingly feature the iconic Old Joe Clock.

3. Coventry University

I originally scoffed when I saw that Coventry was third on this list but looking at this gorgeous picture I’ve been proved wrong.

With 161,538 posts under the hashtag, you’ve got to hand it to The University of Coventry campus for being stunning. Nothing might ever actually happen there but at least you can put pretty pics on your Insta and pretend you’re having a good time.

2. University of Oxford

Just missing out on the top spot, The University of Oxford is the second most Instagrammable Uni in the UK with 163,561 posts on the hashtag.

The oldest Uni in the UK, many of the top posts on the hashtag feature the grounds and architecture of different buildings from the university itself, alongside the surrounding city of Oxford.

1. University of Cambridge

What else did you expect? The University of Cambridge is, of course, topping the list for most Instagrammable universities with 185,071 posts on the #universityofcambridge hashtag.

Most of the posts on the hashtag feature stunning pictures of the University’s buildings because literally just look at it! If I was at Cambridge I promise you I would be insufferable with the amount of pretty photos on my feed.

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