Laura Married at First Sight UK 2023

Reality TV exes and oat lattes: Inside Laura’s Chelsea life before Married at First Sight UK

When she said she likes fancy things, she meant it

Married at First Sight UK has just returned, and already we have a few icons coming through: Introducing Laura. Our girl Laura. I’ll stand by it now and say this woman might be a chaotic national treasure by the end of the show.

If I had a pound for every time, in just the first episode alone, Laura mentioned Chelsea I’d probably be able to class it as a side hustle. She knows all she wants is fancy finer things, and I’m here for it.

So, is the life Laura portrays on Married at First Sight really what she’s like off-camera? Here’s what she gets up to, when she’s not on MAFS.

Laura Jayne Vaughan from Married at First Sight UK season eight

Laura on Married at First Sight UK

Married at First Sight UK bride Laura is 34 and from Hampshire

Laura Jayne Vaughan is 34 and from Hampshire. Outside the show, she works as a finance manager. According to her LinkedIn, she currently works for Rowan Oak LTD, and has held the position of business development manager for four months.

Prior to work, Laura studied English language at Plymouth.

Before Married at First Sight UK, Laura had already been married once

On the show, Laura revealed she had previously been married once. She was in a relationship for four years, and married for eight months, but not much is known about who her previous partner is.

Speaking to press ahead of the show, Laura said she wasn’t married for long and because of this felt she “”didn’t get to explore married life”. She added that she hopes the wedding on MAFS will be more successful, and said: “No one wants to be divorced twice.”

What’s more, Laura has revealed she used to watched episodes of Married at First Sight when she was “happily married” and said she “felt smug” watching people try and find love on the show.

On Instagram, she said: “Funny story, a few years ago I remember watching one of the first seasons of MAFS. I was then married, (happily) but sat there thinking ‘this is crazy – what an incredible premise for a show’.

“I was also obviously sat there feeling quite smug that for then at least, I’d managed to find a husband the ‘traditional’ way. Well, fast forward a few years, one broken heart and divorce later, here I am. Putting it all on the line again for a second chance at love.”

She loves the finer things in life, constantly hanging out in Chelsea and having oat lattes

Introducing herself on Married at First Sight, Laura made it very clear she enjoys a lavish lifestyle. She said she spends all of her weekends in Chelsea, and wants a Chelsea boy to marry (awkward). She also has a huge designer handbag collection.

Her Instagram states that she splits her time between the UK and Mykonos, and if her pictures are anything to go by, she really does have an oat latte every single day.

She seems to always be out for brunch with friends, hanging out in Chelsea and Kensington, or having cocktails. She checks into all the classic Chelsea spots all the time, including Bluebird and King’s Road.

Married at First Sight isn’t the first time Laura has been on reality TV

You might recognise Laura, because MAFS isn’t the first time she’s been on reality TV. Laura was also at the dating agency on Celebs Go Dating – so Paul C Brunson might be a familiar face to her!

Speaking about her reality TV past, Laura told The Sun: “I did Celebs Go Dating and I dated Angus in Made in Chelsea – I knew what it was all about.”

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