Influencer who got annoyed people got in the way of her TikTok on the Tube platform

Who is Antonia Freya Lydia, the influencer annoyed that tube passengers ruined her TikTok?

She asked why people ‘can’t wait one sec?’

Another day, another opportunity for everyone on the internet to argue with each other.

And this time it’s about Antonia Freya Lydia, an Italian influencer with over 500k Instagram followers. Antonia shared a TikTok that showed her on the Oxford Circus tube platform, trying to film one of those aesthetic videos where the tube makes your hair blow in the wind.

In the TikTok, Antonia is seen standing in front of a train passing behind her with her hair blowing in the wind. In the middle of filming, a man walks in front of Antonia as she is seen looking frustrated that someone blocked her shot.

Multiple times throughout the TikTok people proceeded to walk in front of her, as she once again appeared frustrated and seemed to start the filming process over again.


like can yoh wait just one sec,sir? #fy #foryou #london #underground

♬ Super Freaky Girl – Nicki Minaj

“Like can you wait just one sec, sir?” she captioned her TikTok. Since being posted a little over a year ago, the video has been viewed over eight million times. The TikTok has over 9,000 comments, with most people questioning the influencer’s frustration. “Who do you think you are?” one person commented on the video.

Since then the video has resurfaced as people defended her on X. One user tweeted, saying “When you see someone recording, just walk behind the camera or wait literally ten seconds. If you can’t do this then you don’t deserve to be part of civilised society.”

As you can imagine, this caused a world war in the comment section. But the original tweeter wasn’t done yet, posting a second tweet that said, “Like I’m sorry you can’t be kind to a pretty girl for five minutes, maybe if you could afford a bigger car your life wouldn’t depend on crowding the trains like moths to a lamp. This is how societies end.”

I feel like this person has never been to London.

I feel like this person has never been to London.

As for Antonia, she seems completely unbothered. Someone commented on her TikTok asking who exactly she thought she was, and the influencer replied with a TikTok of her in a crown. I would usually say icon behaviour, but honestly I just feel annoyed at her.

I try to be a considerate person, and living in a city full of tourists, where I can, I try to wait for them or go round them. But you had better believe that most of the time when I’m taking the tube, I’m genuinely fighting for my life. I’m either late, or about to have a mental breakdown. I am certainly not looking out for influencers doing TikToks, and I’ll freely admit I would probably walk in front of their video.

This is why we need all influencers to embrace the confidence of tube girl, and just keep on filming on TikTok, even if there are people there.

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