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How to matricu-slay: A reflection on my matriculation at Cambridge University

Its official! I’ve entered the depths of hell…I mean Cambridge

Following my matriculation dinner, I sat down to reflect on what my advice would be to anyone matriculating in the future.

Engage in conversations

You might be sat next to your DoS who you have absolutely nothing in common with so the least you can do is smile and laugh as they recite the whole of Roman Law. Trust me, the alcohol will help.

A very delectable dinner (Image credits: Tally Arundell)

Don’t be overly obnoxious

This one seems obvious but, from my own experience, you should switch your academic eloquence on as soon as you enter the formal dining hall. The last thing you want is your DoS judging you.

Dress accordingly

This will differ depending what your colleges you’re at, but stick to your college guidelines as best as you can. The outcome of the alumni pictures will make you freak out when you see that you wore some disgustingly neon socks that clashed with the whole year.

Fancy dress (Image Credits: Tally Arundell)

Don’t forget your robe

Obvious I know but this actually did occur during my matriculation. Chaos ensued as my friends tried to think of last minute options for a gown.

Have a good rest

Matriculation in itself is incredibly stressful and usually ends late. You don’t want to be violently hungover and half dead in a pictures that will haunt you for the rest of your life.

Don’t forget to set an alarm

There is a register and they repeat your name five times before the porters come and bang down your door. If there’s one thing I implore you to do, it’s to set an alarm.

Document the night

Matriculation is a once in a lifetime moment, so make sure to take as many photos as possible to remember the night by.

Matriculation dinner (Image credits: Tally Arundell)

Don’t stress out over dinner knives

It is daunting to sit at a fancy table with not the slightest idea of how to use these dinner knives. Do I cut bread with this? Do I use this knife for my steak? In actuality, no one even notices which you use!

Matriculation 2o23 over and out!