Troye Sivan Something To Give Each Other ranking

A release day ranking of every song on Troye Sivan’s Something To Give Each Other

I can’t get over Troye in drag for One Of Your Girls

I’m not a betting man. But if I was, I’d have waged a hefty sum that Something To Give Each other – the third album by Australian pop twink extraordinaire Troye Sivan – would be one of the best albums of 2023 as soon as I heard its lead single, Rush. The banger got Troye in the charts – it’s still holding strong in the UK top 40, where it’s been solidly for the last 12 weeks. Everything we’ve heard so far from the album has been stellar, so here’s my thorough release day ranking of every song on Something To Give Each Other – the brand new album by Troye Sivan.

10. How To Stay With You

It feels strange putting this last, because it’s genuinely a brilliant track. Troye really has given a lean, quality album filled with songs that feel essential – no filler here. How To Stay With You is Something To Give Each Other’s closer, and it’s like listening to a decent song by The 1975 – without any Matty Healy guilt.

9. Still Got It

The album’s true ballad. It’s decent, but I think it sounds similar to tracks like Rager Teenager on Troye’s outstanding 2020 In a Dream EP, but less well written and a bit less satisfying. His vocals flow gorgeously, though. I could have done away with this one and gone for another Rush-esque banger. Rich vocoder on the vocal production keeps it afloat.

8. Can’t Go Back, Baby

A slow burn that ups the ante when that drum beat comes in. I really get a Lorde Pure Heroine energy from it.

7. Honey

The first of the outstanding top seven on the Something To Give Each Other ranking, Troye Sivan leans into pop euphoria for a chorus melody that wouldn’t be out of place on a Joel Corry single. An EDM tinged drop? Go on then! Random flickers of Latin guitar, as well. Love it.

6. In My Room

A collab with Spanish singer-songwriter Guitarricadelafuente, In My Room has the most deliciously chilled groove to it. Laidback, sexy and pulsating – it stands out amongst the rest with its bilingual charm. I hope they kissed in the studio.

5. What’s The Time Where You Are?

This song reminds me of a very random time in my life where I added a lad on Snapchat in 2017 who I met at an event, but I typed in his name wrong and ended up adding this guy in Salt Lake City, Utah. Randomly, the Salt Lake City boy was fit and a bit bicurious and we used to Snapchat for months. Obviously the chorus of this song was like, all I asked him. Awkward, sexy small talk. Perfection.

4. Silly

The sexy silly goose anthem we’ve all been crying out for. Thank you, Troye. Fourth single I beg.

3. Got Me Started

That sample!!! Wow. Has no business hitting as hard as it does, and yet never feels gimmicky. The way he flicks up to his head voice for the chorus is just bliss.

2. One Of Your Girls

Erm, wow. A song about hoping a straight lad might plow you and singing it in the most yearning way imaginable wasn’t really something I knew I needed, but after hearing One Of Your Girls once I wonder how I ever did my life without it. Of course, the talking point here is the music video – which goes so hand in hand with the song you can’t help but visualise Troye in delicate drag looking every bit the main pop girl. Kind of in awe!

1. Rush

Sitting right at the top of the Something To Give Each Other ranking is its balls to the wall lead single, the instant Troye Sivan magnum opus and a tune that has defined 2023 for pretty much every gay person I know. Along with Padam Padam, Rush has soundtracked every queer night since it dropped. Huge year to be Australian pop stars with LGBTQ followings.

What makes Rush so special is its flirtation with masculinity, almost football chanty in its melody mixed in with a Sitges Pride-esque beat. The flicks between masculine and feminine moments add to the sex appeal, the hedonism and the sweat. Every bit as good as its hype. Great year for Troye.


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