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Fitz Winter Ball is giving May Balls a run for their money

With Tinchy Stryder headlining, Fitz Winter Ball is the ‘Number 1’ event happening in Michaelmas

On 3oth November 2023, the doors of the mysterious Castle Estate will open for a night of murder-mystery themed fun. The murder can be solved through clues released on @fitzwinterball Instagram and in escape-room style on the night of the ball!

Other selling points include Tinchy Stryder as headliner, a shisha bar and unlimited mulled wine. All at the cost of £94-96, Fitzwilliam Winter Ball is such an impressive May Week alternative, it’s almost too good to be true. And you don’t even have to be a Fitz or Cambridge student to buy a ticket!

Here’s a list of everything we know about the ball so far…

Image credit: Fitz ball committee creative team

How much do tickets cost and who can buy them?

Tickets are currently on sale for £94 in the second release, which is open to everyone (student or not). There are less than 100 tickets left in this release, so get yours soon! After they are sold out, tickets are expected to rise to £96. Queue jump can be added for £10 extra.

The ticket price includes all food, drink and entertainment available on the night. For Cambridge ball standards, it’s pretty good value.

What entertainment will there be?

Aside from the obvious detective element, there will be plenty more exciting musical and non-musical entertainment. The line up includes Cambridge’s favourite student band, Hot Content, and the one and only Tinchy Stryder as headliner. There will also be a shisha bar, silent disco, fairground-style attractions and escape room clues to solve.

Image credit: Fitz ball committee creative team

What food will be served on the night?

When revealing a ‘Chef’ character as a murder suspect, @fitzwinterball published a menu alongside. While it is still a little vague at the moment, it looks like a promising spread. On top of this, there will be a selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, including unlimited mulled wine!

Image credit: Fitz ball committee creative team

How can you get involved in solving the murder ahead of the ball?

Following @fitzwinterball on Instagram is the best place to start. They have been posting suspect reveals in newspaper style, with loads of information for you to start scrutinising over. We are still holding out for a murder weapon reveal though, which they will hopefully post soon!

Image credit: Fitz winter ball committee creative team

If you want to attend the ball, head to @fitzwinterball on Instagram or buy a ticket here