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Five reasons why Medwards is the best college at Cambridge University

There’s more to us than ‘that one on the hill’

“Were you pooled there, then?” (no). “Is that the women’s college up the hill?” (I guess). These are the immediate questions I get in response to saying I go to Medwards. But I think that there’s a lot more to Medwards than its location and ‘population’. Here’s six reasons why Medwards is the best Cambridge College.

1. The location

I know I said there’s more to Medwards than its geographical location, but the location isn’t all that bad. I’m not denying that walking up the hill in knee high platform boots isn’t painful and annoying (made that mistake one too many times), but being up the hill does have its advantages.

As a history student, and a wannabe Sidge girlie, it’s only a 15 minute walk and a five minute cycle. Also, while everyone else is at Mainsburys, spending way too much money, Medwards is probably the closest college to Aldi, and not too far from Faraway-sburys. And for the times when we can’t be bothered to cook, we’re five minutes away from dominos collection, which is way cheaper than delivery.

2.  The people!

Medwards happens to be one of the friendliest colleges in Cambridge, which is genuinely an unbiased opinion. It’s a safe space, given the high proportion of women, essentially making it a real Barbie dream house.

Girlhood (Image credit: Mia Langtree)

No matter if you’re happy or sad, people will be there for you, even to get the pesky spiders out of your room (shoutout to my neighbour Anouk!). Of all the lovely people I’ve met at Cambridge, the friendliest have been from Medwards, even showing up to watch me rattle on at the Union (not a union hack).

3. The facilities

Regarding the nicest first year accommodation, I think that any college that tries to slander Medwards is just jealous of everything we have: En-suites with a random communal bath at the end of the corridor, big rooms with huge pinboards, and most importantly the kitchens!

Unlike other colleges with barely-equipped kitchens, we have ovens, fridges, freezers, microwaves, hobs and of course a trusty kettle. This just makes living in Medwards a more relaxing and independent space, meaning you don’t have to rely on food from Dome every night. Not to mention, Medwards lets you walk on the grass, and pick the flowers and herbs, making the Gardens a relaxing place to be.

‘Revising’ in Easter term (Image credit: Jessica Spearman)

4. Brunch

Medwards brunch is potentially one of the best in Cambridge (common theme of this article); cheap, different options and potentially the best waffles ever. Where else can you drink a strawberry Ribena, with tater tots and a Pepsi max on the side? ¬†Everyone I’ve invited to brunch from other colleges has greatly enjoyed it. It’s open to all, so here’s your sign to trek up the Hill for great brunch!

5. The JCR

Maybe this is a bit of self promo, and despite the majority of us being uncontested in our elections, I’d say the Medwards JCR have done a great job! We’ve brought back back bops (disco dome), organised a full-on Freshers’ Week, and host regular socials and welfare.

FemSoc pub quiz (Image credit: Scarlett Summers)

Skive at five, as hosted by our welfare officers, gives everyone the chance to have a cup of tea or coffee with cake, which gives people a chance to procrastinate essays and relax on a Friday. Even when the walls are too thin to sing in your bedroom, there’s regular karaoke nights to sing really badly in front of everyone you know. But don’t worry, nobody is judging you in Medwards.