MAFS Australia groom Harrison defends Brad’s behaviour on MAFS UK

He claimed Brad’s haters are ‘single overweight women’ or ‘beta male soy boys’

Harrison who starred on MAFS Australia has rushed to defend the behaviour of Brad Skelly from MAFS UK on Instagram. Commenting underneath Brad’s video where he explained his behaviour and apologised to anyone he had offended, Harrison commented that Brad didn’t need to “explain yourself to these people.”

Harrison goes on to claim that Brad’s haters are the same as his, and from his experience, they are all usually “overweight women in their 30s who are either single or single with kids. And beta male soy boys vying for their approval by making socially popular insults towards you.”

Harrison joined season 10 of MAFS Australia and matched with Bronte Schofield, but the two ultimately divorced. Harrison’s time on the show was full of controversy, as on their wedding day Bronte was forced to confront rumours that Harrison was dating someone outside the show. Throughout the series, Harrison was accused of gaslighting and manipulating Bronte by her sister Kirra, as well as their co-stars. Harrison claimed that his behaviour was just a “bad edit.”

In the video Harrison commented under, Brad defended his behaviour on MAFS UK, saying he felt “very misunderstood” and that he had been “portrayed by my worst parts.” He ended by explaining, “You have all seen the 0.01 per cent of me within the experiment, that is not me, that is not who I am. That is not the whole of me.”

Harrison commented: “Bro don’t try and explain yourself to these people. Going through the comments it’s all the same haters I experienced. It’s usually overweight women in their 30s who are either single or single with kids. And beta male soy boys vying for their approval by making socially popular insults towards you.

“You’re better than them, hate never comes from above it’s always from people doing worse than you. Don’t take it seriously at all man anyone with half a brain knows it’s a contrived and edited TV show.”

Another Instagram user replied to him saying, “Your comment is so judgemental and once again disrespects women! Your comment shows the show wasn’t so contrived after all…” Harrison replied to her saying, “Thanks for completely proving my point,” followed by a laughing face emoji.

She replied back to Harrison saying, “And might I add wife of 12 years. I have three children, two sons aged nine and six and a daughter of seven. My son already has more respect than you do, and you along with @bradskelly would be a mother’s worst nightmare.” Harrison once again replied to her saying “Your comments are so respectful. Great example you’re setting for your kids. I feel sorry for them tbh.”

Harrison continued his comments, replying to another woman, “There’s nothing wrong with a woman in her 30s. It’s just an accurate observation to say that the majority of hateful comments come from single women in their thirties plus. Like yourself. Thanks for trying so hard to prove my point.” The woman replied to Harrison explaining, “Firstly, you don’t know my age hun, nor my relationship status. so your point is completely invalid, you narcissists are something else.” Harrison replied by saying, “Emotionally unstable and a low IQ isn’t a good combination. But thanks again for coming to the comment section to prove my point.”

Harrison made other comments in the reply thread including “Must be wild being 30 and single, blaming every guy you’ve ever been dated for the position you’re in instead of looking at yourself and asking am I the problem? And the answer is yes, it’s you.” He also asked another woman if she “was angry because your thighs hurt from rubbing together?”

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