Accept it: Paul Mescal and Daisy Edgar-Jones are secret soulmates and here’s the proof

This is every sad girl’s Roman Empire

There seems to be a bit of a Paul Mescal resurgence online over the last couple of days and I am so here for it. His recent Gucci campaign was released and people are going feral over it as well as this video of him in absolute despair at Ireland losing the rugby. Honestly, that’s just me every time I find out that Paul Mescal and Daisy Edgar-Jones are not together.

Although they’ve never officially been together, a lot of people have never recovered from them both in Normal People in 2020. Since then, both Paul and Daisy have been rumoured to be with different people. Obviously, Paul dated singer Phoebe Bridgers whom he broke up with last year after rumours about her and singer Bo Burnham. And more recently, there have been rumours about Daisy Edgar-Jones being in a relationship with photographer who previously dated Anya Taylor-Joy.

But I will never rest until they are together so here are all the signs that Paul Mescal and Daisy Edgar-Jones are actually soulmates:

THIS whole red carpet moment


siempre hay una Daisy #paulmescal #phoebebridgers #daisyedgarjones #normalpeople

♬ sonido original – walters.

This whole thing really is my Roman Empire. But if your heart hasn’t already been broken by this culture-changing moment, basically Paul Mescal was still with Phoebe Bridgers at the time and they were seen together at the red carpet for the Met Gala last year. A photo was taken with Phoebe looking lovingly at Paul and him looking in another direction. Then across the red carpet Daisy was also getting her photo taken alone and Paul can be seen just staring at her. I literally can’t handle this.

This video of them singing to each other

A couple of weeks ago, this video of them both at the Gucci after party singing to each other was released. But they’re not just singing any old song whilst holding each other, they’re literally singing Dancing on my Own by Robyn which has the lyrics “I’m in the corner, watching you kiss her”. I am upset.

Their moons are aligned


I can’t make this shit up #daisyedgarjones #paulmescal #fyp #moonphases #normalpeople #daisyandpaul #moonsong #beabadoobee

♬ Glue Song (Kids Choir Version) – Amazon Original – beabadoobee

You’ve probably seen this moon trend all over your TikTok recently which compares the moon on the dates that two people were born to see how compatible you are and just LOOK at Paul and Daisy’s. Paul is also an Aquarius and Daisy a Gemini which are known to be compatible star signs. It’s written in the stars!

The adorable pics of Daisy all over Paul’s Insta

So besides posting all the sad girl music he’s listening to on Spotify on his Insta story, Paul is quite into photography and posts a lot of pictures of his friends including Daisy. But no man takes a picture of a woman like he does if they’re just friends. ESPECIALLY with the caption just “Daisy.” And there are literally SO many of them. I feel sick!

When they dressed up as Fleabag and the Hot Priest

I think about the Normal People and Fleabag cinematic universe most days. Especially when Paul and Daisy dressed up as Fleabag and The Hot Priest for Halloween. Like, this is possibly the most coupley costume you could get. Also, Paul was still with Phoebe Bridgers at the time and everyone is saying that Daisy is wearing her jumpsuit for the costume here? Insanity.

Just them in Normal People

I don’t care the amount of times you tell me it’s acting I simply won’t believe you. When he said the line: “I’m not a religious person but I do sometimes think God made you for me” he was saying it to Daisy and I simply refuse to believe otherwise. But honestly, I don’t blame them I don’t think I’d be able to film possibly most heart-wrenching TV series ever and not fall in love with the person I was acting with. I simply do not want to hear about either of them getting with anyone else because they simply belong together.

Featured images via X and TikTok. 

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