MAFS UK dinner party ranking

Ranked: Who came out looking worst after the most explosive MAFS UK dinner party ever

Bianca deserves a Pride of Britain award for how she handled all that

Last week, I did a ranking of who came out looking worst at what I thought was going to be the most chaotic dinner party of MAFS UK this year. How wrong I was. A week later, we’ve just endured a dinner party akin to a full blown fight night, where chaos, fury, rage, trauma and tears were served for all three courses. Everyone had an opinion, but who came out looking worst? Here’s a ranking of everyone by who came out looking the worst at that insane MAFS UK dinner party.



All we can do is wow. Bianca has been dealt the shittest hand imaginable on this season of MAFS. She’s been through the wringer, feeling undesirable and then finding out JJ wants Ella on the sly. Finding all this out in front of everyone cannot have been easy, but she didn’t miss a beat. She pasted them all, made mincemeat of Ella and JJ with her words and didn’t even stutter doing so. Extreme queen behaviour. Deserved so much better but at least she’ll have evidence forever of how excellently she handled herself.

Erica and Jordan

Erica handles all the shit Tasha randomly launches at her amazingly. She deals with it so well, I think. And Jordan supports her and sticks up for her in all the right ways. Love them.


Always has her mate’s back and comes across as such a warming and caring person. When Bianca came in alone she was so lovely to her and really looks like she wants to be a good pal all the time. Great quality to have as a person.

Matt and Adrienne

For newbies who have no context, they handled all the chaos really well and politely. They didn’t take sides they were just vibing. And never looked like they were hunting for goss.

NEUTRAL GROUND: Georges, Arthur, Jay, Peggy and Thomas

A quiet night for this bunch.


A quiet night for this bunch.


Paul’s a bit guilty by association because he’s with Tasha, but I think the fact he hasn’t seen firsthand how out of order Tasha was to Erica when he demanded Erica apologised he just looked stupid. Tell your wife to apologise!

Mark and Sean

I dunno about these two. I know they knew no one but they came across gagging for gossip and didn’t feel like they handled it as good as Matt and Adrienne. I’m suspicious.


What on earth is Luke up to of recent? Aggy vibes, man. Don’t come for my lovely Jordan! Why did he call him spooky? Always putting his two pence in and not really a good look.


I do think Ella has got a bad ride on MAFS UK – and this dinner party ranking is just the culmination of all the shit she’s been through. Nathanial has given her nothing and she fancies JJ. Of course it was not nice for any parties and she should have handled it better and I do think she was flirting HEAVILY in front of other people.


It’s crazy how great Tasha came across at the start of this series and how with the arrival of Erica she just seems completely… mean? I don’t get it. To call someone a tramp so quickly is appalling. Not a good look.


Just came across as cowardly, to be honest. Get a backbone, man. I love that Bianca pasted him because he deserved it. Ella had the nerve to be honest with Nathanial but JJ did nothing, and made it worse for Bianca in the process.


I’m sorry, but something is deeply off with this fella. I do not believe a word out of his mouth. In my opinion, this is someone who just wanted to go on TV. He had no intention of ever wanting to make it work with Ella. For his reaction to be how it was in last night’s episode is crazy to me. You can’t react like that over someone you’ve never been interested in – and she was honest with him about fancying JJ. The entire thing felt, as Ella said, like an acting performance. Just bizarre.


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