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This is what it’s like to try Cambridge clubbing for the first time

If your night isn’t chaotic, you’re not doing it right

If you’re a fresher at Cambridge, Cambridge clubbing is a time to unwind, dance your problems and workload away. However, sometimes your night can be questionable enough that you might wish you were in the library.

1. Bars/Pubs > Clubs

As an avid and self proclaimed “club rat”, I find that instead of the agonising Disney music that is heard in many Cambridge clubs, I find it more entertaining to waste away my nights at the Pickerel Inn or my college bar. I can only handle the smell of vomit and men in suits in small doses.

Wild nights in Cambridge (Image credits: Tally Arundell)

2. Ending up in Addenbrooke’s is always a possibility (but not a desired one!)

Before coming to Cambridge, I  ensure you I had a very strong tolerance for any alcoholic beverages and therefore, I felt ready for anything Cambridge would throw at me. However, I was greatly underprepared for the intense drinking culture and found myself in Addenbrooke’s faster than you can say Rumboogie. It is indefinitely a humbling experience to be carried out by second and third years (special shout out to Joe!).

An ode to Addenbrooke’s (Image credits: Faisal Majid)

3. Expenses

On average, Cambridge is relatively expensive. Cost of living crisis times tourist prices is undoubtedly a recipe for disaster. Matching London prices is something I never thought I would have to utter but £4 for one shot? You’re having a laugh my friend.

4. Appearances

Cambridge can undoubtedly be characterised by a Sunday Lola’s. Rugby boys, men in gowns. In Cambridge, all walks of life appear in the clubbing scene, especially during Freshers’. Mash on Friday in particular is a townie spawn epicentre that reminds me Cambridge students do not indeed own Cambridge.

It would not be Cambridge without the night ending in Maccies in a gown (Image credits: Tally Arundell)

5) Music

I kept my expectations relatively low with the Cambridge music scene. And my expectations are now even lower. From Christmas music in the club to an array of badly produced remixes, it’s just as underwhelming as one can imagine. But if anyone who is not a Cambridge uni student dares critique it, my automatic defence mechanism is engaged.

On reflection, Cambridge nightlife is what you make it. It might be quite different to other unis, but it’s all about the people, the vibes and living in the moment.