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What your Halloween costume should be based on your Cambridge college

Nothing scarier than John’s x

Spooky season is here and you’re frantically trying to sort out a costume. Never fear – your college can give you the inspo you need for you to haunt the streets of Cambridge this Halloween.

Christ’s – Zombie 

Consistently topping the Tompkins Table, the spookiest thing you will see this season is a Christ’s student out of the library. Nothing scarier for them than not getting that first.

Escaped lib x (Image Credits: Gemma Heinrich)

Churchill – Mad Scientist 

Considering that the vast majority of the student body do STEM, this is a fitting choice for all those Churchill mathmos. The only thing more frightening is the college’s architecture. A Brutalist-style costume can always be a backup.

Clare – Vampire

There are definitely a couple down in those cellars.

Downing – Prime Ministers

10 Downing Street, Downing…get it? With constant turnover in the past few years, there are plenty of options to choose from!

Girton – Ghost

Always being ghosted by their central college friends, a ghost is a fitting choice for students of this college.

Anyway, don’t be a stranger x (Image Credits: April O’Neill)

Homerton – BFG

For the friendliest college around, what better costume than the Big Friendly Giant?

King’s – Skeleton

Not only can King’s students channel their inner Phoebe Bridgers, but they can match that lovely scaffolding and look just as imposing and threatening.

Newnham – Witch

A perfect costume for all the tarot-reading and gemstone-collecting girlies.

Peterhouse – Mummy

An ancient look for the most ancient college.

Queens’ – Queen

Queens’ really has no excuse. Queen Victoria. Queen of hearts. Beyoncé. The options are endless x

Festive (Image Credits: April O’Neill)

St Catherine’s – Cat


St John’s – Devil

As the most (lovingly) hated college in Cambridge, John’s students should embrace their inner demon this Halloween.

Trinity – Henry the VIII

If you want to mix it up, how about one of his wives?

Hopefully, this gives you some inspiration to ensure that you (and your college) serve this Halloween.

Feature Image Credits: April O’Neill