Here’s which Halloween outfit you’d be based on your Leeds accommodation

You already know Barbie and Ken are featuring

For students, one of the most exciting moments in the yearly social calendar is Halloween. Who doesn’t love an excuse to get dressed up with your mates?

The vibe you opt for, however, can say a lot about you as a person. With this in mind, we wanted to see if we could predict what first year accommodation you are, or were, in, based on your Halloweekend fits. 

Montague Burton – Disney Princesses/Spice Girls/any group costume

There’s something about Monty B that screams you’re put together – I think it’s the Centre Parcs-y vibes of the place and that curfew of course.

You’re on it enough to organise a group costume, probably as a flat, and have been planning this for weeks.

You defo sat together in the kitchen to decide what to dress up as and delegated buying amongst yourselves (multipacks are better value guys x)

Leodis – Cat

Okay, hear me out – a cat is PERFECT for Leodis; a tribute to the unofficial therapy cat for all the students that live there. You’re not that fussed about the actual costumes, just there for the vibes.

You’ve probably got plans from Thursday to Tuesday, so you haven’t got time for complex costumes every night, and a cat is a classic, you can’t go wrong. P.S. how is Onyx doing? I miss him. 

James Baillie – Effy from Skins 

You either look like you’ve come straight out of an episode of Skins or you wish you did. You deffo wear that Effy eyeliner every day – not just for Halloween.

Effy is the perfect way to live out all your Bristol dreams in Leeds, and reuse some staples from your everyday wardrobe (or gives you an excuse for another Vinted haul). 

Charles Morris – Pirates

Pirate is one of those surprising low effort costumes, and for someone who lives on campus –  that’s right up your street.

You can afford to over-accessorise when Fruity is basically your front garden – no cloakroom needed for you. Plus, you’ll be able to re-wear that white dress for your next trip to Mykonos with the girlies.

Central Village – Barbie/Ken

Central Village has that city girl vibe that just screams Barbie.

You’re probably in Trinity shopping centre every weekend so the options are endless – and all that pink marketing has taken permanent residence in your subconscious.

It might not be BarbieLand but honestly, that city girl lifestyle is close Kenough. 

Lupton – Mia Wallace

You’re not like other girls. You live in Headingley with all the second and third years, so you know the struggle of having to hike to uni.

It’s a classic but still just niche enough.

You’re sick of having to fight your way through all the Otley Runners just for a Saino’s trip, so you’ll be damned if you dress up as basic as them for Halloween. 

Henry Price – Cowboy

Cowboy is the perfect Henry Price costume: It’s easy AND re-wearable.

Let’s be honest, if you’re in Henry Price the main draw was definitely the distance (or lack of) to campus. You will definitely be a sucker for an Otley Run as the year goes on – so why not start off with a low effort classic and save yourself for the rest of the year.

Devonshire – Oppenheimer 

Honestly, Devonshire is a bit of a rogue accommodation but you can’t deny it’s fancy – it looks like it could easily belong at Oxbridge.