Lucinda Strafford on Love Island Australia 2023

Lucinda is in the final of Love Island Australia, here’s what her journey’s been like

She was previously called out for being ‘toxic’, but now she has an official boyfriend and might win?!

Love Island UK 2021 star Lucinda Strafford has made it to the final of Love Island Australia, so yes, she’s been more successful over there than she was on the show here. Reeeeaaaaallly well done to her.

Right now she’s coupled up with a guy called Zac, and the couple are looking pretty strong. Spoiler alert: But Love Island Australia is pre-recorded so whilst we haven’t seen the final on TV yet, Lucinda has confirmed she and Zac are still dating after the show.

Love Island Australia was filmed in Mallorca around three months ago, and Lucinda left with New Zealander Zac, who’s recently flown to the UK to be with her at her home in Brighton. But what has her journey been like? Here’s a rundown.

Lucinda entered Love Island Australia as a bombshell

23-year-old Lucinda entered the Love Island Australia villa on day two, and from the very start Zac had his eyes on her. She is the very first UK ex-Islander to go on the Australian version of Love Island, and ahead of her stint said: “I feel like I was so young last time, I was only 21. I’m more mature now and I’m just itching to get in there, and of course hopefully find an Aussie boyfriend.”

The girls recognised her slightly when she entered the villa, with one girl saying she “sounds like Lucinda from the UK version” before she told the boys she had been on the show before, and the penny dropped for the overlooking girls.

“It’s like meeting your celebrity crush,” Zac said when he first met her, saying he’d watched Lucinda on the UK show and thought she was “smoking”.

She’s been coupled up with three people in the villa

When Lucinda entered the villa she coupled up with Zac, but then was briefly exploring a connection with a guy called Nate. However, Zac told Lucinda Nate was “playing the game” and was more interested in another girl, in order to make Lucinda pick him.

It worked though, because then Zac and Lucinda shared their first kiss! Since then, she’s coupled up with a guy called Ryan for one day, before returning to her couple with Zac.

Lucinda hasn’t always been received greatly, and was accused of being ‘toxic’

Just two weeks ago, people in a Reddit thread were discussing Lucinda being on the show, and said because she’s been on Love Island before, she probably isn’t genuine. “I think her going on Love Island Aus was purely a move for her ‘influencer’ career and an attempt to remain relevant,” the thread author said. “She’s clearly toxic, she loves when men show jealousy and a need for her and it is weird, her fake facial expressions of shock when Ryan coupled up with her were uncomfortable to watch.”

They added: “I watched her original season of Love Island and can confidently say she has not grown AT ALL. I don’t like Zac at ALL but they honestly make sense together considering they both have a clear need for attention in order to function.” Ummm. harsh?!

Lucinda and Zac on Love Island Australia 2023

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She and Zac slept together in the Love Island Australia villa, but also had a number of huge rows

The couple previously had some huge rows, and Lucinda was doubting their relationship after they slept together in the villa. “As a girl, if you have sex with someone I think it’s quite a big deal,” Lucinda said in one clip. “I remember when I had sex with Zac I was like, ‘What if this is going to change things?'”

Zac then said: “What!? You were doubting me?” and Lucinda replied: “Well what if you shagged me and then was like, ‘bye’? You never know what some boys are like.”

In the villa, the couple came to blows after Movie Night – yes they do that in the Aus villa too – when a clip was shown of Zac calling Lucinda a “pick me” girl. He called her behaviour a “turn off” and said Lucinda was “going to take some training.”

Savannah, one of the other girls in the villa, said: “Training?! She’s not a fucking dog.” Before Lucinda said: “What the flying fuck is wrong with you? I’m not a fucking dog you arsehole. Fuck off, you’re punching.”

Zac then called Lucinda accusing him of punching “disgusting” and “toxic”, and said she was behaving “far worse” than what was shown from him in the clip. Yikes!

They put all the drama behind them, and Zac asked Lucinda to be his girlfriend

Don’t worry, the couple sorted things out and then in a romantic proposal, Zac asked Lucinda to be his girlfriend. He did a full Love Actually style scene, writing out “Hey Lucinda” on a card.

Then he revealed card after card, even joking at her previous “punching” comments, and all together the speech read: “Hey Lucinda, ever since the day we met I’ve adored you, and yes I am punching. Has anyone ever told you, you are… the most beautiful girl in the UK, and the northern hemisphere, and the world? I love you. Will you be… my girlfriend?”

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Of course, she said yes!

Now Lucinda is in the final of Love Island Australia with Zac, and might actually win?!

Lucinda is now in the Love Island Australia final with Zac. After saying “I love you” and officially becoming boyfriend and girlfriend whilst in the villa, they might actually win the whole thing!

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