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Flood warnings have been issued up and down the country, but will we finally have a true ‘dry January’?

The floods are a result of an area of low pressure called ‘Storm Henk’, which was concentrated in the south of England. Strong winds reached up to 94 miles per hour, and heavy rainfall saw roads closed, trees felled and even shut schools.


ear after year, season after season, Love Island Islanders just can’t help but behave a bit toxic in that villa – and of course All Stars is no exception. You’d think they’d all learn their lesson from their first go of it, but sadly that’s not always the case. They always fall into bad habits – whether that be lying, lack of communication or just red flag behaviour – you can rest assured the Love Island All Stars are destined to be a bit toxic. With that in mind, here are all the Love Island All Stars cast ranked by how toxic they actually are.

15. Anton

My Anton. My wholesome little Anton. Not toxic even in the slightest. What a lovely, lovely man. Sees the best in everyone, a good communicator, romantic, caring, thoughtful – what more can be said? All men should try and be Antons.

14. Sophie

Despite an annoying voice that’s incredibly toxic to my eardrums, I will not hold this against her because I think we’re all in agreement that she can’t exactly help that. I have warmed a lot to Sophie because she wears her heart on her sleeve and whilst she’s a bit earnest and overly trusting, she’s certainly not toxic.

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